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Hillary Cliton, to head CIA!

The Clintons have more skeletons in theirs cupboards than the Adams family. Hillary Clinton could start up tomorrow a bone shop. Her bone cabinet has items in it supplied by Burke and Hare that is how long she has been in the trade of body snatching and selling secrets. 7 more words

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Suing Saudi Arabia and Snowden

Two big questions are in the news: Should mega-whistleblower Edward Snowden be pardoned? Should 9/11 victims be allowed to sue Saudi Arabia?

Both questions have to do with the nature of the state. 558 more words


The complete guide to China's propaganda videos blaming the West for almost everything

China’s propaganda-video makers have one message for you: The West is the root of all of China’s troubles.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been working full speed the past few months to produce videos blaming “foreign hostile forces,” especially the US, for everything from inciting separatism to stealing territory in the South China Sea. 1,350 more words

Private State?

In Privacy Pros and Cons, I considered the Parliamentary debate around the recent SSA Amendment Bill. Most of that debate seemed to be concerned with the limits on the rights of citizens to privacy, but my concern was that there was precious little comfort being offered in terms of the secret conduct of our public affairs. 1,409 more words

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Loose Change (Part 1)

Clive stared at the silver-colored quarter. The quarter, split in half so a compartment can be used, lay in two pieces in his hand’s palm. A third small plastic square, with a thin memory chip inside, lay in between. 569 more words