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Áp dụng mô phỏng state space vào thiết kế game giải đố

Đầu năm 2014, tôi từng rất thích thú với việc thiết kế game giải đố PC quanh các nhân tố đển hình như công tắc, cổng; hộp hay đá tảng;… có thể kích hoạt hoặc đẩy,… Những yếu tố này được đưa vào rất nhiều game. 4,269 more words


Estimating a Bayesian TVP-VAR Model in R

This post guides through the Bayesian estimation process of a TVP-VAR model, where the algorithm proposed by Durbin & Koopman (2002) is used to draw samples of the parameter coefficients. 1,095 more words


Model Code

The ultimate goal is a consideration of how to create a working model of the human mind using a computer. Since no one knows how to do that yet (or if it’s even possible to do), there’s a lot of guesswork involved, and our best result can only be a very rough estimate. 1,624 more words


what percolates through the membrane of the self...

I am much less than I think I am
and so much more than I could ever imagine

I am a specific pattern of engagement with the environment… 9 more words


Feature Photo Credit:  Weidong Yang

Dancers:  Brendan Barthel, Crystaldawn Bell, Kristen Bell, Norma Fong, Victor Talledos

I recently worked as a stylist with dancer/choreographer Daiane Lopes da Silva… 65 more words

Diane Mateo