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Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation review – a fabulous beast

Detail from Kungkarangkalpa, 2013, by Kunmanara Hogan, Tjaruwa Woods, Yarangka Thomas, Estelle Hogan, Ngalpingka Simms and Myrtle Pennington. Photograph: Courtesy: the artists/Spinifex Arts Project

British Museum doesn’t shy from its ownership of many controversial artefacts in this wonderful exploration of Indigenous Australian tragedy and triumph… 519 more words


Millions of Girls Given Vaccines Secretly Spiked with Sterilization Drugs

by  Kimberly Paxton

Although some might call it a conspiracy theory, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the United Nations have been accused for decades of trying to secretly reduce the world’s population by hiding contraceptives in vaccines that are purported to be for other purposes. 546 more words


Modern Life Is a Frightening Experiment in How Much Exposure We Can Take from Toxic Chemicals

A new documentary reveals how the $770 billion chemical industry is pumping dangerous substances into our lives.

By Allegra Kirkland / AlterNet

Back in 1974, the agricultural multinational Monsanto developed a class of herbicides using glyphosate as the key ingredient. 558 more words


Want to Record The Cops? Know Your Rights

By Nadia Kayyali

There are some very disturbing videos circulating the Internet right now, depicting the deaths of unarmed civilians at the hands of trained, armed men. 1,006 more words


Video: ISIS, Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and Israel Exposed

(INTELLIHUB) — Former NSA agent, whistleblower, and investigative reporter Wayne Madsen has detailed the connections between Saudi Arabia, Israel, CIA and ISIS in a wide-ranging interview on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone. 189 more words


Greatest trick of the rich? Making us believe they pay all the taxes

liz west (CC BY 2.0)

By Chaos_Dynamics

Dylan Matthews via Vox:

Typically when politicians fight about taxes, they fight about the income tax. … 180 more words


ANIMATION: What would happen if the auto industry operated like the vaccine industry?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) What would happen if the auto industry operated like the vaccine industry?

That’s the topic of a new animation I’ve just released. 263 more words