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       The best way to spice up a simple outfit is accessorizing. Adding any statement piece can add character to an outfit and can be used as a way to express your style and personality. 491 more words

5 Confidence-Boosting Statement Pieces And Where To Buy Them

Let your wardrobe do the talking for you, by filling it with a few key pieces to really let the world know you mean business. This is a skill that I’ve mastered, and almost always use as a weapon in my tool kit for days when perhaps I’m feeling a little more anxious, quiet, nervous than usual. 663 more words

New Found Love of Statement Pieces

It’s no secret that my outfits tend to consist of all black, with the odd splash of grey, white or red making an appearance. I love colourful clothes, but tend to love the sleek look of an all black ensemble even more. 461 more words


5 tips when wearing statement pieces

Statement pieces are jewelry that do exactly that….make a statement! You can wear them to jazz up a plain outfit or save them for special occasions for some added fierceness! 427 more words

Style & Beauty Tips

等一下!為衝動消費踩煞車的 5 個自問自答

逐漸來到了我們都想用力寵幸自己的季節,日益低溫的天氣,讓我們多了各種為衣櫃添購新歡的藉口,週年慶與年終慶也不斷鼓吹著鈔票離開荷包。你也快要淪陷進衝動消費的流沙了嗎?我們也難以抗拒,因此為了守護腦袋僅存的理智,這五個「決定性瞬間」的自問自答一定要在逛街時 keep in kind!


1. Flattering | 它真的適合我的身形嗎?夠舒服嗎?

這句話也可以翻譯成線上雜誌 Man Repeller 所形容的:「還想試著打扮成另一個人的身形嗎?我常忘了我不是 Emmanuelle Alt (巴黎版 Vogue 總編輯)。」如果高腰款式較能修飾你的臀圍,為什麼要不斷翻找低腰褲?試著弄清楚適合自己身形的單品,然後避免那些會讓你羞愧得想躲進健身房的款式吧。



2. Represent My Image | 它符合我的個人形象嗎?

當你看到街拍達人們穿著某一件吸引你目光的單品,這還不足以夠成你立刻衝出門搶購它的理由。別忘了,他們當中的許多人都是穿著免費的設計師品牌,當會走路與講話的活廣告,認真想想屬於自己的風格是什麼吧! 24 more words


Statement Pieces

Loving the fabric. Its all one needs to add the touch of luxury and style

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