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Marc and Alana Plot to take out Anat

“Alana, we need to get together. We have a real problem. Tomorrow, meet me at our bench at Wolfe’s Pond Park.”

Alana was sitting nose deep into her Kindle Fire on the Staten Island Ferry Newhouse. 454 more words

New York, I love you

“I know my New York City by heart,” she screamed over the phone; sliding her fingers between her black curls with a force that lead me to believe, she could at any moment, rip them apart. 569 more words

We Meet Again Tour - 31 January 2018, #2

Work took the tour to Staten Island. The visits there allowed for a Staten Island Ferry ride at night. City lights!


We Meet Again Tour - 31 January 2018, #1

I did some visits on Staten Island and spotted the moon over Brooklyn while riding the ferry back to Manhattan.


Staten Island Ferry

Not the most traditional way to see the Statue of Liberty I’ll agree. However without a doubt it’s the cheapest.

Walk down to the southernest point on Manhattan island and you’ll find yourself at the ferry point. 178 more words


Apres Avant Garde Festival

Apres Avant Garde Festival on the Staten Island Ferry, October 1, 2017.

Day de Dada, the Staten Island Performance Art Collective.

This event commemorated the 50th anniversary of the 5th annual Avant Garde Festival that happened for 24 hours on the September 30, 1967 Staten Island Ferry.  86 more words

Day De Dada

Lady Liberty from Afar

It wouldn’t feel right to visit the island of Manhattan and never see the water. The Statue of Liberty is a tourist destination that seems more than just a selfie opportunity. 778 more words

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