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Staten Island’s Turning Point?

C.J. Hughes features Staten Island development in this week’s The New York Times.

From the article:

A wide bay may separate Staten Island from the rest of the city. 424 more words

Staten Island

Staten Island’s Turning Point?

C.J. Hughes at The New York Times features Ironstate Development in a report about the revitalization of Staten Island. 

A wide bay may separate Staten Island from the rest of the city. 424 more words

Ironstate Development Company

A ride on the Staten Island Ferry

How much would you expect to pay for an iconic boat ride with spectacular views of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty? If you want to pay, there are vendors who will allow you to do that, but a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, which delivers those views roughly every 30 minutes (more often during rush hours) throughout every day and night of the year, is entirely free. 624 more words

Take Me to New York, I Want to See LA

Geographically the last week or so hasn’t made a whole lot of sense, but then Sibanda flying from Sydney to the US for a measly week and a half doesn’t make much sense either. 345 more words

PCV director presents play for smartphones

By Sabina Mollot

A Peter Cooper Village director, who’s previously put on plays in untraditional settings, including the swimming pool at Waterside Plaza — is now inviting theater goers to the Staten Island Ferry — but not until they download her play onto their smartphones. 774 more words

Peter Cooper Village

Is Staten Island Bigger than Manhattan?

The somewhat counter-intuitive answer is not only “yes,” but by twice as much–Staten Island, that somewhat neglected borough of an otherwise racially diverse metropolis known as Gotham; its landmass is larger than the sprawling borough of Brooklyn, as well. 531 more words

Benjamin Hennig

The Legend OF Frank Matthews***messymandella***

“Richer than Frank Lucas. More powerful than the Mafia. He was the biggest drug dealer in America. In 1973 he jumped bail and disappeared with 15 million dollars. 449 more words

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