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States of the Union: Highlights from TCU's Permanent Art Collection

From January 2015 to February 2015, States of the Union: Highlights from TCU’s Permanent Collection was exhibited in TCU’s Moudy Gallery. Three other curators and I had the opportunity to organize the premier exhibition of TCU’s permanent art collection. 335 more words

A History Lesson

So… Just so we’re on the same page. History is kinda my thing. Not just that but I’m also a US Citizen that’s taken more than my share of US History and Geography classes throughout my academic career. 696 more words

My Life

What In Holy Mother Church is Going on in Missouri?

Yes, it’s time to talk about a state. This one has been put off far too long, but in actuality, who would have supposed that anybody would NOMINATE a Todd Akin, all around woman protector and expert on lady parts? 1,063 more words


States of the Union -- Arizona

The crimson sand aflow, did slow and still,
Then retrograde, ascended into glass,
As gov’nor’s pen be labored on the bill
That set Causality upon its ass. 103 more words


States of the Union -- Nevada

When johns with shriveled egos come to find
That paid relationships oft further bring
Despair and lonely apathy to mind,
The pricks of love administer their sting. 146 more words


States of the Union -- Louisiana

When each transaction must be written down,
Recorded for perusal by the law,
When people become known by what they own,
Instead of showing others who they are, 85 more words