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Obama is 'Affirmatively Furthering' Diversity in White Towns

Federalist visionaries have decided for the American people what their neighborhoods should look like. A major reform policy known as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)  has made progressive strides in integrating city minorities into white suburbs. 479 more words


Homosexuals Crush Christian Bridal Businesses

The American forefathers, anti-federalists, confederates, and the populists fought for religious liberty and personal freedoms. Sodomy laws are going national and have violated the very rights these people spent their whole lives defending. 469 more words


State legislatures matter

How much do State legislatures matter these days? A lot. DC is so bogged down by its own dead weight that it can’t get anything done — that is, other than launch another useless war. 198 more words


The Answer to Empire

Bill Kaufman describes the problem:

We are, today, subjects of an empire, not citizens of a republic. The idea of “citizenship” has been diluted from one of membership in an organic body in which each person matters, takes part in civic affairs, to the current condition, in which you are a cog in a machine, just another brick in the wall.

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Who Decides Constitutionality? States, according to Jefferson and Madison

From: tenthamendmentcenter.com/

Who Decides Constitutionality?

Who decides when the federal government has acted outside of those delegated powers?

Most Americans will quickly answer, “The Supreme Court, of course!” 474 more words

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