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Federal Block Grants Are Not The Way To Kill Obamacare.

Imagine you’re asked to come up with a way to stop a massive federal spending program. You need to find a way to reduce costs, return control to the people, and get the federal government out of the way. 379 more words

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Antifederalism 2.0

For those who enjoy frustration, 2017 has been a gay time. I think I may say this for all shades of the spectrum. Both are getting quite good at that ultimate goal of politics, which is consists of sticking an executive knife in old wounds and giving a good twist. 566 more words

Matthew Eley

Blame the Supreme Court for America's sharp political divide

August 24, 2017

In the 19th century the Supreme Court set the stage for a century of murder, intimidation and voter suppression in the southern states by nearly obliterating the application of constitutional rights to state behavior, In the 20th century, the Court’s nationalization of constitutional rights long met liberal dreams. 62 more words

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Healthcare Reform Is Not Dead

The spectacular failure of the GOP health care bill in July, along with the continued antics of the Trump White House, have limited good news for the GOP of late.   792 more words


A Monumental Discussion: Meg Groeling

I have written several versions of an essay on my feelings concerning the issue of the removal of Confederate monuments and statues, and I am never satisfied that I have expressed myself well, or even accurately. 699 more words


New 'Distracted Walking' Legislation Will Outlaw Texting, and Even Talking, While Walking

(TFTP) The heinous “crime” of “distracted walking” has become the latest trend that cities in the United States are looking to legislate into nonexistence—relying on tax dollars and the extortion of citizens to solve the problem instead of common sense. 570 more words

States' Rights

Trout Fisting In America #25 - Charlottesvile

This shit has always existed in America. And it’s existed as the lifeblood of the Republican party since 1964. Man, the ugly shit politicians will align themselves with just so they can get the chance to cut taxes for the goddamn wealthy. 1,247 more words