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Common Core Research

Common Core Research
Common Core has many agendas behind its implementation and will take away incrementally Representative Government and School Boards via Title One money (fed enticements given to each State) to follow the child well into all private or charter schools. 1,602 more words

Senate Hearing on CSKT Compact 02/25/15: Senator Fielder

Here is the third of three videos excerpted from yesterday’s 2nd reading on the CSKT Compact bill SB262.  Both Senator Fielder and Senator Hinkle serve on the Senate Judiciary committee and at the executive hearing, both took direct hits from Chas Vincent concerning their opposition to the water compact.   39 more words


Broadband & States Rights with Thom Stark

Thom Stark and I are continuing our conversation. One of the goals of this dialogue, similar to what I am doing with Becky Akers (Conversation with an Anarchist) is to show that reasonable people can disagree in a sincere and robust manner without acting like Neanderthals. 1,837 more words

Lela Markham

Senate Hearing on Compact 02/25/15: Senator Jedediah Hinkle, Bozeman

Here is the second of three videos excerpted from yesterday’s senate hearing on the CSKT water compact.  Senator Hinkle out of Bozeman is a new senator who has taken the time to understand as much as he can about the CSKT compact.   62 more words


Senate Hearing on Compact 02/25/15: President Debby Barrett

Opponents of the compact are used to the state doubling down on an essentially unchanged water compact.  At the hearing yesterday, several senators showed leadership by speaking out against the compact and the strong wave of momentum given by the tribe’s threat of 10,000 lawsuits across the state.  125 more words

Proposed CSKT Compact

SB262 passes 2nd Reading in Senate 31-19

©2015 Concerned Citizens of Western Montana

The Senate just adjourned for the day after passing the CSKT Water Compact Bill 2nd Reading with a vote of 31-19. 424 more words

Proposed CSKT Compact

Russell Moore, Judge Moore, and More of the Same

Russell Moore is a public figure.

More than that, Russell Moore is the President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

More than that, Russell Moore is right up there with Al Mohler as a shaping influence for new pastors being pumped out of the New Calvinism’s SBC headquarters in Louisville. 1,313 more words