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Doug Lamborn is Against Cannabis and States' Rights

Representative Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, supports the crackdown on cannabis in Colorado. This is an unacceptable position to take after the people who elected him to office approved recreational marijuana. 31 more words

Jeff Sessions

The REFER Act of 2018 and What It Protects

The protection surrounding states that have chosen to legalize cannabis for medical or retail purposes from the federal government has been making headlines recently as attorney general Jeff Sessions recently… 258 more words


The Homeless have been Found!

Get Ready Folks, I have it on good authority that after a roughly 8-year absence the homeless have finally been found!

Just in time for the Mid-Terms, and filling that need to an issue to balkanize the voter base, The Homeless have been located in Los Angeles.  220 more words

Our dysfunctional Congress

Congress is failing to do its job. It sometimes overrides states’ laws when it shouldn’t. At other times it fails to exercise its authority over the Executive branch, which then exceeds its constitutional authority. 2,812 more words


What Happened To States Rights?

A mainstay of conservatism has been states rights…..when dealing with abortion, voting and now a days it is all about the marijuana…..a huge cash crop for states and now the DOJ is flexing its muscle….. 207 more words


Trump administration actions re-ignite states rights' debate (explainer)

A look at some current and recent battles involving states’ rights arguments.

Lawmakers and others in Democratic-leaning states have been howling over the past year about actions by the Trump administration and congressional Republicans that they say have undermined states’ rights. 35 more words

The Oregonian

Former Congressman Ron Paul Calls Attorney General Jeff Sessions “Un-American”

Last week’s announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he is opening the door for U.S. Attorneys to use their own discretion when it comes to going after marijuana businesses in states where they are legal continues to provoke reaction from all parts of the political spectrum. 380 more words