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The Nullification Crisis and Slavery

Once upon a time, South Carolina defied the national government. It declared her rights as a state and struck down a federal law, daring Andrew Jackson to come down and make something of it. 2,062 more words


State Marijuana Laws -- Thumbing your Nose Governor Wallace's Way

In the 5,000 year history of humanity’s relationship with the cannabis plant, the citizens of Hawaii are confronted with what legal experts have called the… 1,192 more words

All is NOT Lost. It is NOT too late. We CAN Take Our Country Back (part 2)

First, my apologies for the long delay between part 1 and part 2.  Life got in the way.

That being said, it is definitely time to move forward in taking this great country back. 624 more words

It's Not About Indians, It's About Federal Overreach and Control

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Nearly four years ago, a wise and concerned irrigator warned us about the CSKT water compact.  He simply said that if we made the battle about race, we would not have his support.  637 more words

Compact Commission

The Weight

The media coverage of Ferguson, Missouri, and the scandal of civil rights abuses following the recently published Department of Justice report is a collection of bias ranging from sympathetic to outright denial of facts. 3,733 more words