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Arkansas Legal System and Others Conduct Hideous Miscarriages (or can I call them abortions?) of Justice

And it isn’t the only one.  But I present it here as a microcosm of a justice system that has failed by factors of infinity. 753 more words

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Dear Tomi & Glenn

Dear Glenn Beck & Tomi Lahren,

With all due respect, I think you are both wrong on the topic of abortion!  And here’s why.

Tomi, you are pro-choice because you say the government should stay out of our lives. 904 more words

States' Rights

The conservative argument for LGBT equality

Joachim Jackson Forte
April 7, 2017

The other day I saw a picture on Facebook of a men wearing a t-shirt with a statement and it reads: only God can judge me written in rainbow printed letters. 273 more words

LGBT Rights

A Peaceful Way to #bluexit - must read

Great article on a peaceful way to #bluexit, especially now that the Republicans are about to blow up the Senate to confirm a man from the 1930s for the next 40 years. 6 more words

Confusing Heritage and Hate

Decedents of Confederate soldiers should be allowed… to celebrate their heritage and honor the bravery of their ancestors free of accusations of racism and hatred.  Those who are quick to criticize Confederate reenactors( 239 more words


Immigration: Amnesty, Deportation, And Sanctuary Cities Part 4

Deportation is the lawful expulsion of an undesired alien or other person from a state or nation. Border Control is the measures adopted by a country to regulate and monitor its borders. 1,228 more words


Immigration: Amnesty, Deportation, And Sanctuary Cities Part 2

Now with that behind us let’s look at what the Constitution and US law has to say about Immigration. Article I Section 8 Clause 4 “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization”. 781 more words