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May 22, 1856  State’s Rights

Since the earliest days of the Republic, those supporting strong federal government found themselves opposed by those favoring greater self-determination by the states. In the southern regions, climate conditions led to dependence on agriculture, the rural economies of the south producing cotton, rice, sugar, indigo and tobacco. 1,098 more words

State and Local Nullification Drives Change in D.C. | Mises Wire

I frequently say “Washington D.C. will never fix America’s problems. Washington D.C. is America’s problem!”
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Indeed it does. All good change starts locally.


Supreme Court delivers a home run for sports bettors – and now states need to scramble

With leagues lobbying for their share, a thriving illegal market that needs to be stifled, and bettors chomping at the bit, the headaches are just beginning. 74 more words

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Commentary: Sports betting is a victory for states’ rights

In an important states’-rights decision announced Monday, the Supreme Court has allowed New Jersey to permit sports gambling, both by private casinos and through state-run lotteries. 28 more words

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How An Unwritten Constitutional Doctrine Saved Sports Gambling In America (For Now)

By now, I would imagine that anybody reading this post has already seen the recent headlines: today, the Supreme Court struck down a federal prohibition on sports gambling. 1,717 more words

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Guest column: Enact a law for violating oath of office

Unfortunately cynicism has become prevalent. Civil conversation has been replaced by demeaning commentary on social media. Anger has displaced discourse. Argument ad hominem have displaced reasoned debate. 69 more words

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