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Acting National

We live in a federal republic, or so the Federalist Papers tried to persuade those Americans on the fence about adopting the Constitution. Trying to tell the difference between a nation and a federation can be tough. 225 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

The U. S. Constitution and "States' Rights"

Much has been said about the notion of States’ Rights as the cause of the Civil War from a Confederate perspective, and of the idea of the United States formed under its Constitution as a sort of “men’s club,” with a membership consisting of states who were free to come and go as they pleased. 767 more words



I recently visited the Gettysburg battlefield, and the thought kept recurring to me that those who call for a new civil war to solve grievances against the federal government would do well to make their own visit so they could be struck by the horror of war just as I was. 1,619 more words


Dose of Truth


The Alternative to Presidential Politics

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Although I am not a supporter of individual State Secession, I am a supporter of Americans educating themselves on realizing what a  22 more words

Dose Of Truth

Dear White People, (Title stolen from Justin Simien from his movie with the same title) Part I:

     I am addressing these words specifically to white people, because people of color in this country already know about racism.  It is a daily part of their lives. 1,314 more words

Court Setback for Municipal Competition

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled that the FCC didn’t have the authority to overturn state limitations on municipal broadband. Specifically the case looked at the two FCC orders that would have overturned state restrictions for Chattanooga, Tennessee and Wilson, North Carolina to expand their municipal systems to serve customers outside of their base service territory. 614 more words

Regulation - What Is It Good For?