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Obama admin says states lack authority to block refugees

WASHINGTON — Amid a growing political controversy, the Obama administration on Wednesday reminded state officials across the country that states do not have legal authority to refuse to accept Syrian refugees. 475 more words


Please Pray For The United States of America

Please let us pray hastily with a fervently & ardently for The United States of America, for God’s protection & covering over all the Parade site activities today in the various location throughout our nation. 574 more words


What To Call People Without Getting Them Necessarily Angry

My love and I were talking in the car about what to call people from various states, because our podcasts were out of fresh episodes. You know, like, “Michigander” for people from Michigan, or “Marylander only the emphasis sounds weird” for people from Maryland. 205 more words


The Surprising Thing That Makes Men Fatter and Women Thinner

You know how people like to joke about women “letting themselves go” as soon as some dude puts a ring on it? Apparently, the truth is the opposite. 186 more words

As HMOs Dominate, Alternatives Become More Expensive

Consumers seeking health policies with the most freedom in choosing doctors and hospitals are finding far fewer of those plans offered on the insurance marketplaces next year. 1,089 more words

The Health Law

The Unknown Legislatures that Run America

The American media loves to report on Presidential elections.  From e-mail scandals to birth certificates, West Point admissions to unfathomable hairstyles, the American media will stop at nothing to run another sound bite or story on Presidential elections, even when primary season is in its infancy.   622 more words


Climate Change: the Cost of Inaction for Maryland's Economy

Center for Energy and Climate Solutions / by Timothy Markle

The American Climate Prospectus addressed several key climate impacts over the coming century, including increases in heat-related mortality, increases in the amount of coastal property exposed to flooding, declines in labor productivity, increases in energy expenditures, and declines in agricultural output. 54 more words

Energy And Climate