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Hiker rescued from rocks at Ecola State Park late Wednesday

A hiker who found himself stranded on rocks surrounded by water and crashing waves at Ecola State Park Wednesday evening was rescued by helicopter.

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Help deter wildfires around homes with appropriate landscaping

Drawing a line around the house with fire-resistant landscapes can mean the difference between a home consumed by flames and one left standing.

“Fire specialists often show pictures of houses where people took adequate precautions,” said Brad Withrow-Robinson, forester with Oregon State University’s Extension Service. 9 more words

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Bill to increase fees on rafts, kayaks and drift boats passes Oregon legislature

Paddling a boat could get a little more expensive in Oregon.

Legislation that requires adults to purchase a $17 permit before floating a raft, kayak or other non-motorized boat in Oregon has passed the state legislature. 14 more words

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A life devoted to service shared at Sen. Jackie Winters' Capitol memorial

Hundreds came together in the Oregon Senate chamber Thursday to honor Sen. Jackie Winters — a trailblazing stateswoman, dedicated advocate for the vulnerable and friend to many in the state Capitol and Salem community. 13 more words

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Oregon could join California, Washington in universal paid family and medical leave

Oregon legislators took another stab at developing a paid family and medical leave policy, a top priority for both Democrats and Republicans who are quickly approaching the end of the session. 13 more words

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Oregon's cap-and-trade carbon reduction bill passes key committee

If the bill passes, Oregon would be the second state in the nation with an economy-wide carbon emissions cap.

Source: Oregon’s cap-and-trade carbon reduction bill passes key committee

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