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Five Forgotten Gems - Animated Heroes

I’m pretty prepared to say we live in a golden age of western animation – and as someone who survived the compulsory (and awful) “western animation is just so shallow compared to glorious anime” phase, it is a real kick to be able to say so. 1,893 more words


DC Entertainment Continues to Get More Diverse with Static Shock Live Action Series

Originally published on Oct 23, 2014.

Warner Bros. has recently set up a new digital production division called Blue Ribbon which will be bring a live action series for Static Shock sometime in the near future. 86 more words


Detective Comics (DC Comics) Cinematic Universe – Suboptimal?

by Josh Jennings

In the wake of Marvel’s roaring success in creating a cinematic, and later crossed with a televisual and comic tie-in, shared universe, DC has now picked up the ball and starting running the race as well. 931 more words

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Why Static Shock Will Never Have A Major Motion Picture.

Many of us remember Virgil Hawkins from the Saturday morning cartoon Static Shock (which ran from 2000-2004). Now, this was your basic run of the mill childrens cartoon. 1,058 more words

Black People

Shocking. These Black TV Shows Are Not on DVD.

Happy end of February.  As most of us know, February was Black History Month.  I’m old enough to have been in school when the right people finally woke up and realized that maybe we shouldn’t teach the same rich old white men who could never do any wrong history.   557 more words

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Throwback Thursday: Renewing the adored Warner Bros. cartoons of childhood

Hugo Guzman


It was late at night, and my friends and I had once again been disappointed by modern media. As we emerged, dejected, from the movie theater where the latest blockbuster had turned out to be a total flop, we all reached for our phones and did what our generation does best: we checked our Facebook accounts. 712 more words

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