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Have Static Languages Won?

A few days ago, Elben Shira caught the attention of the programming blogosphere with his post entitled The End of Dynamic Languages. The key point from this post is in the following statement: 1,109 more words


So I ventured the JS/CSS high seas and...

Lately I’m spending most of my time in a browser. Deciding to take advantage of it, I’ve coded a little app on a side: a task list. 2,872 more words


The Inconvenient Truth About Dynamic vs. Static Typing

Sometimes there are these moments of truth. They happen completely unexpectedly, such as when I read this tweet:

Good discussion of Facebook Flow – http://t.co/5KTKakDB0w…

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Progress: Ambrosia of the Driven

The battle of learning Python resumes. To be completely honest, I don’t like python. As a matter of fact I started learning assembly and I like that more than I like Python. 594 more words

If I were writing a language

I’ve never honestly put thought into what I would want in my own language until recently. For years I wore blinders while working contently in the world of Java. 881 more words

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Picking ÜberConf sessions sucks

I’m gearing up for ÜberConf next week in Denver. It will be my first tech conference. I’ve never gone because I’m cheap and would like my employer to pay for it. 2,416 more words

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