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PHP 7: Scalar Type Declarations

One of the reason why PHP7 is actually a wall breaker of old PHP that leads to no more an ‘insane’ programming language for web development. 173 more words


Does type safety matter?

One of the distinctive features of programming languages is type safety, esp. static vs. dynamic typing. Let’s take C++ and Python as examples.

In C++ a variable type is determined at compile time and remains the same for the lifetime of a compiled program, while in Python a variable can change type at run time. 534 more words


A quick look at Perl 6

Raku..Perl 6 is a “new ” programming language just finally released for stable version in the end of the year of 2015. You might be thinking that Perl 6 is the next version of Perl 5. 225 more words


A Static Sort of Typing

The more I use c#, the more I grow to enjoy having a type system.

I started with PHP- which I believe is dynamically typed, and Javascript, which is pretty much just the Wild West where anything goes.  1,013 more words