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Sock Puppet Parody - "Out in the Wash"

Interview with
Producer: Johnny Zero-Forever
Director: Brady Tulk
Puppet Master / Puppet God: Carolina Govea

For socks, they’ve got a lot of sole…

Leave it to bunch of Metalheads, and a woman who made the mistake of telling them she knew how to sew, to create an empire where fist-banging is not only acceptable, but extremely cool, so long as there’s an undergarment on it.  968 more words


#43 - Static-X / Soil

Damn I don’t know why I remember this so well but shit was it hot in there. Place was absolutely packed. I don’t know if it sold out but if it wasn’t it was pretty damn close otherwise. 249 more words

Soundtrack Saturday: Static-X, Ork Anthems

Wayne Static, late lead singer of Static-X, sounds like an ork. (Yes, I spell “ork” with a “k”). If you need some fight music involving orks in your fantasy game, be it… 45 more words


Album of the Day: Static X's Machine

My friend and I were just listening to “Black and White” at work. :)

Album Of The Day

10 Rock Bands that Took Way Too Much Unnecessary Flak

Most rock music fans tend to listen with their eyes first. If they don’t like the look of a band, then odds are they’ll leave the judging at that and not even bother listening to the music. 1,830 more words