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StaticResource Markup Extension

  • Provides a value for any XAML property attribute by looking up a reference to an already defined resource.
  • Lookup behavior for that resource is analogous to load-time lookup, which will look for resources that were previously loaded from the markup of the current XAML page as well as other application sources, and will generate that resource value as the property value in the run-time objects.

Style in WPF

In this article I will explain Style which is an important feature of the Windows Presentation Foundation


Style in WPF is used to group a set of properties that can be applied to controls. 506 more words


Using MySQL with WPF

MySQL is a popular free database which many (including me) prefer for writing database applications. Being relatively new to WPF, I wanted to see how MySQL could be used in a WPF application. 2,414 more words


Auto Publish and Approve Your Solution Files

Applies To: SharePoint 2010

By default, every file you deploy using a sandboxed solution is left checked out. This can lead to problems depending on the type of site you are deploying to and/or the permissions of your end users. 1,089 more words


Branding Solution Cleanup

Applies To: SharePoint 2010

I followed the Microsoft article, Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions and I was able to quickly get the bones of a Branding project put together. 854 more words


WP7 Accent Shapes

Applies To: Windows Phone 7

The new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) introduces Microsoft’s Metro style (Okay, it’s not the first Microsoft product to use it but it will probably be the first time many users encounter it… 1,093 more words


Introduction to Data Templates (DataTemplate with ListBox) –Part3

Download the source code from here.

We have seen the Introduction to Templates–DataTemplate in the post here.

In Part2, we have seen the basics of binding data to a ListBox using Inline DataTemplates. 1,779 more words