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Station computer

The station PC will run on Ubuntu, or one of its variants.

Station Construction

PC for station is about ready

The donated PC that will run much of the radio station has been acquired and re-conditioned. Softwares are loaded. Some audio catalog needs to be loaded. 11 more words

Station Construction

Upcoming station programming

It will be updated, but here is the link. They are not scheduled yet in a rotation, however I have permission to broadcast these.


Station Construction

Studio considerations

No doubt that Graham and Marconi pondered the implications of their inventions. They permitted a structure to build upon that gives us the internet today. Despite the fact that this station will be flea-powered doesn’t mean that it cannot operate just like a commercial pro station. 51 more words

Station Construction

Progress on engineering

So the aforementioned engineering problem will be overcome, but not at great haste. There was the need for a newer but not new computer (needed USB). 93 more words

Station Construction

Amateur radio broadcast programs

Permission secured to use “Foundations of Amateur Radio” and “NewsWest”, produced out of Australia by VK6FLAB, about ham radio.

Additional programming resource information posted as it becomes available.

Station Construction

Cows in the hood

So if the station were in the air I would report about this. Cattle get loose from a faculty three miles away.

Station Construction