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Boxcitement Stationary Unboxing!

My Boxcitement Stationary box finally arrived! Ever since I ordered my first box, I’ve excitedly been awaiting its arrival. 280 more words

New York Haul

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed my last post about my travel essentials.

Today’s post is going to be a New York Haul; as you will know from my last post I went on holiday to New York with my family last week so I thought I would show you some of the things that I picked up. 408 more words


Back to Uni Stationary Haul

In just over a month I’ll be starting the second year of my English and Media course at uni. That means new stationary!

Academic diaries are just brilliant, running summer to summer and perfect for organising school, college and university. 679 more words


Midori Traveler's Notebook; is it The One?

Who has tried keeping a planner or diary but eventually quit? I’ll raise my hand on that, and finding one that worked for me has been a long search. 557 more words

Art Making

Back to School Haul 2016/Organisation Tips

Hello everybody, I hope your all having a wonderful day!

Before I start with this blog post I want to apologise for not being active this past year, as I have had alot on with my dancing, school (coursework/mock exams) and I have been playing catch up for the past year. 929 more words


Hi all long time no blog post. I’ve been on holiday so haven’t posted in a few weeks but I’m so glad to be posting again. 854 more words

Me + ban.dō = bff

Right now, I want you to think about your favorite brand. I’ll wait………..Got it? Good. Now I’m in no way a mind reader, but I’m going to guess that you thought of a clothing store or a fashion designer or a makeup brand of some sort. 546 more words