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Misrepresenting Corbyn and the real problem of Violence Against Women

Call me out of touch: but i hadn’t actually noticed that Jeremy Corbyn had mooted the idea of women-only carriages as part of a response to Violence Against Women until i was woken at half-past-ridiculous by an bright and cheery researcher from BBC West Midlands asking if i’d like to talk on the subject. 766 more words

Goodbye France!

French public service radio stations are being withdrawn from long and medium wave during the remainder of this year, and next year.

France Bleu on 864 kHz and 1278 kHz and France Info on 603, 711, 1206, 1242, 1377, 1404, 1494 and 1557 kHz will close. 51 more words



On Monday 31st August, it will be the last day on AM for two Dutch stations: Radio 5 Nostalgia, from Flevo, on 747 medium wave, and Radio Maria, from Lopik, on 675 medium wave. 184 more words


To Hike Mount Fuji

When it comes to travelling,
the Far East has always been my favorite part of the world.

And, it’s hard to beat Japan for culture, charm, and historical landmarks. 1,010 more words

Of Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach 8

Typically the following bait fish are very hardy as live bait and will stay alive for long periods of time. they include fathead minnows, rosy reds, American eels, and madtoms. 317 more words

Redfern Station ticket office on a late-winter morning

Redfern station on a late winter morning. What a sight. A great example of the Queen Anne style in a station, proving that they knew how to build at the end of the 19th Century. 12 more words


Yogi doesn't miss much!

Hey hey! Yogi Blogger here! I’m smarter than the average blogger! As much as I like danish pastries and pies, sometimes I like a change in my diet! 88 more words