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NFL week 3, 2016 season (complete)

The final game really didn’t help Atlanta’s SOS much, but I’ll note that numbers are slowly beginning to look more normal. SRS isn’t a good stat at 3 games, and may not be a good stat at 4. 149 more words


NFL week 3, 2016 Season -- almost.

Ok, all the games for week 3, but the Atlanta – New Orleans game have been played. It’s a little early to post data from the simple ranking system, as the SOS stat hasn’t stabilized yet, but hey, I can do this set today and in a day or two, add an update with the Atlanta stats. 172 more words


Statistics Saturday: TV Shows I Remember In Too Much Detail

In my defense, Automan is the coolest show in the world if it is 1984 and you are eleven and don’t see enough TV shows with Chuck Wagner in them. 73 more words


Recent Work

It’s not the most professional image to accompany a list of recent publications, but it beautifully illustrates the haphazard nature of late summer freelance work. You’ve got the tools, you’re getting the work done, but there’s a certain … something … that’s missing. 314 more words


Real Estate @ A Glance: September 2016 Edition

Here is the most recent information on the San Diego housing market. For specific information on your neighborhood or a market analysis on your home, please… 153 more words

Real Estate

Do you discriminate against disabled people?

Do you discriminate against disabled people? I bet you do! And I bet you didn’t even know it yourself.

Take this simple test:

How many hours did you spend watching the… 28 more words


Statistics Saturday: Names That Get In The Way While You're Trying To Think Of That Guy From _My Fair Lady_

  1. Ron
  2. Rob
  3. Rob Petrie
  4. Robert
  5. Ron Petrie
  6. Ron Stoppable … no, no, not Ron.
  7. Reg
  8. Roger
  9. Roger Goodell
  10. Rex Carlton
  11. Rex Stout
  12. Rex, Rex, Reggie. Reginald!
  13. 87 more words