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China's Aid to Africa

Overseas construction of infrastructure projects has a much longer history than China’s ODI. Historically, China, as well as other BRICs countries, has provided support to African countries as part of… 456 more words

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China's Construction Contracts in Africa

Now let us look at China’s Construction Contracts in Africa, another important component of Chinese investments in Africa.

Based on 476 construction projects over 100 million dollars from… 345 more words

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China's ODI in Africa

In recent years, China’s economic presence in Africa has led to heated debate about the nature of Chinese involvement and its implications for the continent. Many questions have also been raised, such as the composition and nature of China’s aids to Africa, the scope of Chinese investment to the continent is often ambiguous. 449 more words

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"Going Global" Strategy and ODI, Same or Not?

China’s “Going Global” strategy includes outward investment (ODI), foreign engineering contracting, overseas processing trade and R&D, overseas resources cooperation, and labor service cooperation (including the employment of Chinese citizens overseas). 90 more words

Statistics And Analysis

A Quick Look at the AFC North, Mid-Term

Thank heavens there is football this weekend. All the sordid discussion about compensation packages and injuries was getting me down. And that was just Ivan. Heaven only knows when Homer is going to chime in. 965 more words


A Brief History of Time—in the AFC North

photo via Steelers.com

I hope you all realize I’m not claiming to be the Stephen Hawkings of football. Au contraire. Not even about the AFC North. 1,592 more words