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Speed Kills… But How Much Can it Help the Steelers?

by Rebecca Rollett

I started doing some research for an article on running back Dri Archer last season. In the course of my research I ran across a couple of players who also caught my eye.  1,943 more words

Steelers Players And Coaches

Taking a content inventory

In order to plan the steps we need to take toward building new online services for nottinghamshire.gov.uk we need to know what we already have, where it’s coming from and who’s using it at the moment. 634 more words

User Experience

In Brief: A Response to Julian Meyrick's The Retreat of Our National Drama

While I have been vocal about my thoughts on Currency House’s Platform Paper #39: The Retreat of Our National Drama, by Julian Meyrick, I haven’t written on these thoughts outside of twitter. 441 more words

Statistics And Analysis

Trading: Assessing Your Position

Some board games — like chess or checkers — have an easily defined game state despite their complex nature.  If you need to save the game for another time, you simply remember or write down whose turn it is as well as where each piece stands on a 64-square board. 1,064 more words

Statistics And Analysis

A Way to Measure Speed and Quantify Its Effects: DP-

Speed is listed as one of the five tools, but metrics for it are either lacking or impenetrable. Stolen bases have been around forever, and in tracking them we’ve learned a lot about speed on the base paths and who is… 1,012 more words

Double Plays

Why is Gini Index Relevant?

The Gini Index ranks countries according to the distribution of income. The bigger the difference between the richest and the poorest – the bigger the Gini index. 100 more words

Statistics And Analysis

Economic Social Darwinism (Do We Even Need to Fight Poverty?)

When talking about poverty, not just in Vienna, but elsewhere, one question always pops up. Is it government’s/people’s responsibility to deal with poverty? Some might argue that poverty is inseparable part of society – there are always winners and losers and so we don’t have to fight against it. 212 more words

Statistics And Analysis