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March Madness Bracketology: February 25th Edition

With two days remaining until the start of Conference Championships for NCAA Basketball, we take another look into the current state of March Madness. Recall that to get into the March Madness Tournament, a team must either win their conference championship tournament, finish first in the Ivy League, or obtain one of 32 “At-Large” bids from the NCAA Selection Committee. 1,392 more words


How to Use Facts in a 'Post-Truth' Market

Full disclosure: this post was inspired by this article in the Guardian, written by Will Davies, who is a political economist at Goldsmiths, where I’m studying for my MA in Promotional Media. 562 more words

Cellphone cases - Statistics

“This source (December 2013) says 75%: One-Quarter of Smartphone Owners Spurn Cases. This source (August 2012) says 78%: Things you never knew about the iPhone. This source (December 2013) says 75% in general for smartphone users, but 87% for iPhone users. 106 more words

Mathematics Behind The Triangle Offense

It was pointed out to me recently that a few of the articles I have written describing the detailed geometric structure behind the triangle offense is scattered in various places around my blog, so here is a list of the articles in one convenient place: … 95 more words



Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia atau Department of Statistics Malaysia ditubuhkan pada tahun 1949, dibawah Ordinan Perangkaan, 1949. Di awal penubihannya, jabatan ini dikenali sebagai Biro Perangkaan dan kerja-kerja yang dijalankan terhad kepada perdagangan luar, pertanian, dan ladang. 190 more words