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Is d>10 a plausible effect size?

In discussions of scientific findings you will often hear talk about relative effect sizes, like the ubiquitous Cohen’s d. Essentially, such effect sizes quantify the mean difference between groups/treatments/conditions relative to the variability across subjects/observations. 1,339 more words

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Parse CSV File with Headers in Clojure

When importing csv files into incanter datasets, we might tend to use the read-dataset function in the incanter package. Today, after messing around several csv parsers in closure, I found out that it might be a better strategy to import the csv file with other parsers as a LazySeq and then convert it to an incanter dataset. 201 more words


Why "number of parameters" isn't good enough

A friend of mine recently pointed out a curious fact. Any set of two-dimensional data whatsoever can be perfectly fit by a simple two-parameter sinusoidal model. 351 more words

Probability Theory

Alternative Data, Investment Strategies and the Principle of Incompatibility

Alternative data – a trendy subject nowadays – is non-traditional data that can be used in the investment process. An increased percentage of hedge fund managers are planning to use this kind of data and new analytics in their investment processes. 760 more words


WHM18: Women's heights in the Digital Panopticon

I’ve recently been working on the Digital Panopticon, a digital history project that has brought together (and created) massive amounts of data about British prisoners and convicts in the long 19th century, including several datasets which include… 1,439 more words

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Eight Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America

Warning: This article is based on rational, evidence-based analyses. The progressive left is advice to go back to MSNBC… something about Trump and Russia. 163 more words

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Know your newspaper 2.0 - Statistics

Statistics — the things that can make a well-formed sentence boring as well as extremely useful at the same time. These are basic numbers that represent something bigger and can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the context. 566 more words

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