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To be seen, or the visibility of Black PCVs

Some of the greatest advice I’ve ever received is to “be who you needed when you were younger”. This can apply to many things. Today, I’ll apply it to Peace Corps prep work. 189 more words


Statistics Don't Have to Be Boring

I have always enjoyed statistics, polls and other predictions so when I discovered the website 538 a few years ago I was thrilled.  538 is a blog that concentrates on opinion poll analysis, politics, sports and economics.  611 more words

Implying "there's a trend to statistical significance" is not trendy.

When a p value that fails to reach a threshold is reported, investigators sometimes imply there is a “trend towards statistical significance”. This interpretation expresses the view that if more subjects had been tested, the p value would have become more significant. 389 more words

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The Age of Death the Drug-Abusers Who Used the New-Age Drugs: Not Yet Twenty-Eight

Shocking, isn’t it???  How the age of drug-abusers are still, on the decline…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The new-age drugs are so prevalent now it’s everywhere, the Department of Justice’s estimates of the death of drug overdose, the victims’ average age was not yet twenty-eight, the drug addictions caused the deceased to have anywhere from seven to nine different kinds of new substances; the DOJ’s amended the laws to prevent these illegal substances, other than heightening the sentence, it’d added that if the dealers provided the mixtures of two or more illegal substances and sold them to pregnant women, or underage minors will be punished more severely, in the future, having more than 5 grams of level three or four illegal substances you will be charged; and the amendments were already sent to the legislative department. 150 more words

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How much should we expect to earn?

One of the most common doubts when moving to another country is about wages: how much should we expect to earn? But not only this, in our case, we are also questioning ourselves if we should keep the same career we have in Brazil. 225 more words


october eighteenth, two-thousand seventeen

alright so today i finished off the section on regression in my online course.

i learned about decision tree regression, random forest regression, and interpreting results from regression analysis. 973 more words