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Ecological “bright spots” and the challenge of residuals-based assessment

by Philippe Marchand

In 2016, Joshua Cinner and colleagues published a highly discussed paper in Nature, “Bright spots among the world’s coral reefs.” [1] In that study, the authors looked at a global dataset of coral reefs (2500 sites) and modelled fish biomass as a function of 18 environmental and socioeconomic covariates. 1,072 more words


51% Blockchain attack

One of the predicted, and proved feasible, attack to the blockchain technology is the 51% attack. There are several forms of this attack including weakness in the blockchain algorithm itself that allowed easier than usual forking of chain to dishonestly win the popular vote mechanism. 56 more words

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Five ways to fix statistics

As debate rumbles on about how and how much poor statistics is to blame for poor reproducibility, Nature asked influential statisticians to recommend one change to improve science.

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The Profession

Official Statistics in a Post-Truth World

Submitted by Haishan Fu On Thu, 06/14/2018

I’ve been thinking about the role of data and digital technology in today’s information landscape. New platforms and technologies have democratized access to much of the world’s knowledge, but they’ve also amplified disinformation that affects public discourse. 972 more words

World Bank Group

2017-18 S2 Results GF & Awards

Thursday 14/06/2018

Sheep Stations 37 def Sea Serpents 34
Rob 21, Cole 14

The Nuts 44 def Sharks 26
Tony 22, Ellie 10

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Simple induction

In front of you is a coin. You don’t know the bias of this coin, but you have some prior probability distribution over possible biases (between 0: always tails, and 1: always heads). 466 more words


Renewable Energy: Solid Growth

When I first started working in the renewable energy field in 2010, opponents were arguing that Canada (more specifically, Ontario) should not bother switching to, or incorporating wind or solar energy within their electricity supply mix.  577 more words

Greenhouse Gases