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Overfitting reading list

Overfitting is a situation in which a model accurately describes some data but not the phenomenon that generates that data. Overfitting was a huge problem in the good old times, where each data point was expensive, and researchers operated on datasets that could fit a single A4 sheet of paper. 145 more words


Largest U.S. Academic Libraries

Buried in the 2016 Digest of Education Statistics, is this table ranking the largest libraries by total number of volumes. Additional data such as the size of the staff, the number of weekly visits, hours of operation, etc. are also included.


Thursday Tracker: People are lying to you - Progress (here, Weight-Loss) is messy - Here is the truth

At the start of 2017, I weighed just under 90 kilos. And I was not in any way toned.

As a 6ft Tall Man (183cm), that put me well into the Overweight category with a BMI of around 27. 860 more words

Pot Use Doubled Since 1985: Statistics Canada

A Statistics Canada study shows that household cannabis use among Canadians has doubled since 1985. Nigel Newlove breaks down the details that researchers hope will help shape policy and legislation.


Post Class Week 4 Reflection

REALLY enjoyed class tonight. 3 speakers at the beginning from organizations that serve libraries–create programs and distribute resources and materials and books in Minnesota. Minitex, MELSA, ans Metronet. 571 more words

An Infographic on Racism

The following photo shows the rates of racism, feelings towards it, where it usually occurs, and what to do about.


Top of the web - January 2018

Kia ora. Here’s our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in January.

Website pages

There were 270,812 page views in January. 555 more words