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Time to Tiki-Taka

Speaking to Bild this week, Giovanni Trapattoni is quoted criticising Pep’s style at Bayern Munich:

For me there’s too much possession. Tick, tack, tick, tack. Tuck, tuck, tuck.

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Expected goals, in all its forms, lets us measure the danger of a shot. There are increasingly many non-shots expected goals models that go beyond this, measuring the danger of the attacks that build up to shots, or beyond, to cover all the different situations that can occur in a game. 2,281 more words

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My Stats #8245–8249 & 117

I spend a lot of time working on new models and metrics, watching games and generally mucking about with football stuff, but very little of it sees the light of day. 1,617 more words

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Winners v Losers - Some Analysis

While looking over the Superladder in yesterday’s Herald Sun (best part of their footy coverage), I looked at next week’s fixture to find who the Bulldogs would play. 657 more words


Idle Hands

“He’s had nothing to do all game,” we hear, every single week on Match of the Day, as if we’ve just cut to images of Hugo Lloris in a deck chair with a dog-eared copy of… 1,127 more words

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Evaluating Defenders With PATCH

Today we’ll look at players in Europe through the lens of my PATCH defensive metric. If you can’t be bothered trawling through an entire post to understand the method, you only really need to know this: … 2,121 more words

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PATCHing Teams

I explained the current PATCH methodology in my previous post. Today I’m going to do a deep dive into how PATCH views the current teams in the EPL. 1,537 more words

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