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Apple to Hits 50 Billion App Store Downloads

Number that are so big, they are staggering – and show how Apple have redefined the digital space:

Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, Draw Something and Temple Run top UK’s most popular ever apps…

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Second Screen Stats

Out of interest…

Somewhere between 75% and 85% of TV viewers use other devices while watching, although a lot of these people are doing unrelated tasks – it’s startling how many surveys come up with around 60% for the percentage of people who are emailing, which is a telling (and somewhat dispiriting) comment on modern working habits.

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What Mobile Games Should Be: A Sugar Rush!

Sony’s Chris Mahoney has been talking about what makes a good mobile game – and I agree with him on the core idea here – … 287 more words

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In Connectivity Which Are You? Always On to Detached...

OfCom has some research out that looks at the types of communicator you might be:

‘Always on’ (22% of adults) The youngest group, with half (50%) aged under 35, they communicate a lot, especially with their friends and family.

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Freemium Games Growth & 2011 vs 2012

I’ve been reading this whitepaper on monetisation and freemium games:

As a result of the vast changes in the global games industry that occurred the last years we have seen big losses e.g.

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US Gamer Profile Moves Towards Mobile

This is interesting, about the changes in the profile of US gamers:

The NPD Group today announced that there are about 211.5 million gamers in the US, which is down five percent compared to last year.

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