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Odd Ones!

In response to Cee’s Odd ball  photo challenge!

Odd balls are those photos that really don’t fit into any category, or when photos are grouped together they appear to be odd. 17 more words


The Talking Heads of Rapa Nui, part 5: Hats Make the Moai?

Until now, this series of posts on Easter Island has not considered embellishments to moai, of which the most obvious are the addition of so-called “top knots.” As promised, this brief note takes up the topic. 726 more words



The news today is full of opinions and unnecessary mud slinging. I’ve quit reading or listening to most of it. That could be a dangerous thing. 260 more words

WW Photo Challenge: Broken Knowledge

B is for Broken

Today’s photo challenge is brought to you by the letter B. I present to you three statues from the University of Rochester campus. 382 more words

Photo Challenge

Ayutthaya ruins and other images

We now present various images taken in the Ayutthaya area in Thailand.

The artistry and craftsmanship in these stone buildings and statuary are truly impressive. 566 more words