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Time Stood Still

There is a timeless, weather worn beauty that makes the cemeteries in New Orleans have a magical feel to them. I don’t know if this feeling emanates from the palm fronds or the fact that some of the paths are lined with dirt, sand, stones, and seashells. 27 more words


Graceland: Eternal Silence

Visited Chicago’sĀ famous Graceland Cemetery this past weekend. The weather was lovely. The shadows and light played perfectly with my camera. The frozen ground gives the most wonderful effect. 248 more words


Fun little things šŸ¤—

There are many places to go to in Bangkok. Sadly for me mostly shopping areas. I personally like the decorations they have in front of malls… 76 more words


A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own. - Thomas Mann

I’ve always had a slight obsession with death. I don’t fear it. I’m in awe by it. So many in life spend their time fearing what happens to be the only certain thing that life has to offer…that we will, indeed, die. 132 more words


washington, d.c. 2016

In honor of President Obama, letā€™s look back and reminisce on the better times when he was still in office.

Ben and I took a trip to Washington DC back in September 2016 during Labor Day Weekend. 162 more words


Hello, Elsie!

So I’m at Gorgie City Farm and there’s this large sow stood on her hind legs, with her forelegs over the fencing, snorting sociably at the punters. 740 more words

Bloggy Basics

'Final Fight/Street Fighter' "Poison" And "Roxy" Statues Revealed

Whether they’reĀ sisters, siblings or a simple palette swap, Final Fight‘s Poison and Roxy are both getting statues from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. 558 more words