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Site death, again...toni-two.com/global RIP

I put my personal stuff on a WP MultiSite, toni-two.com, I only had two sites.  My interests and pretty stuff, then my serious world issues stuff on /global. 260 more words


Rocksmith - Status 3-21-2015

This is my latest installment in my reporting on my progress using Rocksmith 2014 to learn guitar. I’m trying formatting the information differently, using a spreadsheet instead of the screen grabs as it’s easier to see the progress. 287 more words


Bienvenue à Paris !! so glad I’m back to my second home. it has been almost half a year when the last time I was here. 33 more words


Anyhow- I ALWAYS manage to get zero hours of sleep before flying anywhere. It’s probably a combination of my masterful procrastination with packing and the fortuitous timing of emails and work that come right before a trip… unfortunately I’m an extremely light sleeper so there’s a lack of shut eye in-flight, too. 47 more words


Off to Ottawa!

Exactly 12 hours till my flight… I can barely breathe from excitement. I’m half-done packing, there’s clothing splayed all over the floor, and bits and bobs everywhere. 112 more words

Hello World! First, thank you for all my new followers! (I didn’t expect that) then now, spending this rainy day curled up in bed with my laptop. 50 more words


My blog has been in abeyance for a couple of months. I think its time for me to share my travel places again since I decided to move back to Paris. 29 more words