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Week 21 @ Target:equlibrium

So sorry for the later update – it’s been a funny old week.

But at least my weight stayed the same! So that is something, an annoying, frustrating but probably my own fault something! 192 more words


Not alone

Loneliness is a mean feeling. It can spread in little time and take away the joy in the most beautiful things. It doesn’t even depend on being physically alone – everyone who has felt totally lost in a crowd of people knows what I mean. 428 more words

Status Quo

Enemy of the Status Quo Social media isn’t bad or good—it favors outsiders, regardless of their aims. By Yascha Mounk

As recently as 15 years ago, many rural parts of Africa had few phone lines or major roads. There was no rapid way for residents to communicate with metropolitan centers or to access their many benefits, from education to medical care. 339 more words

Point Of Interest

Songs ruined by advertisements

Sunday 19th February 2017

Here’s a post I’ve put together just for a bit of fun as I realised recently that there are so many television advertisements that have quite frankly ruined good music.  564 more words


Status Quo - Back on Vinyl (Part 2)

You may have seen Part 1 of our Status Quo vinyl reviews – here’s a chance to take a look at Part 2 and this features two reviews… first up, my review for ‘Under the Influence’ and then my 2016 vinyl review for ‘Quid Pro Quo’…  Look out for more vinyl reviews right here – as well as the usual sport etc, all on… 1,135 more words


Therapy: Session #8

Talked much about the incident that brought me to the limit last weekend. I immediately stressed that I’m aware I had no reason to freak out and that I reacted in a completely exaggerated way, only to be surprised by the fact that my therapist thinks that my anger in that situation was completely undestandable. 435 more words

Status Quo

Day off :)

Taking this day off was an incredibly wise decision. After all the emotional bullshit these days my body really needed a lot of sleep. I was able to tidy the flat in peace, had time for a slightly grumpy cat and felt well whilst running for the first time in ages. 95 more words

Status Quo