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18. Paper Plane - Status Quo

More seventies memories of the quo.  Not as instant as Caroline it always made me think of making paper airplanes.

Kindergarten Pop


Entering the mall. Going to the first shop. Looking for the stuff I need. Paying for it. Going to the next shop. Waiting in the queue. 125 more words

Status Quo

I'm Afraid

“Silence is an endorsement of the status quo”
This was the sign that stuck out to me when I was looking at pictures of the Women’s March. 297 more words

Ceva Românesc I

Știam că vestea ar fi fost uluitoare, așa că am evitat să o anunțăm pe Ana. Toate pregătirile le-am făcut doar sub acordurile copiilor.  Nu ar fi bine să o neliniștim, spune Cosmin plin de umor negru… Ar putea face un infarct! 827 more words

Status Quo

My overview on what I'll talk about on this blog

Welcome to my first post on what this blog is centered on,

What’s wrong with life? is it the fact the teacher can tell you anything and you will believe them because that’s what they get paid to do, or the fact that its still a problem for people to answer question on how they honestly feel.NO that’s all rubbish, what the problem is, is that people tell you everything and its the truth but, its all shrouded in lies, I’m Roanda Mukhavhuli and I’m   going to tell you what the worlds problems are without lying and draw a conclusion on how to fix it. 183 more words