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Loki :)

…as some people asked already – our tomcat Loki is fine, he settled in very well and I am happy and grateful that he is with us. 65 more words

Status Quo

5 Social Media KPIs to Measure for Effective Strategy

XEN Systems

Social media has become the go-to marketing solution for many brands and it’s thought that it now accounts for 11% of all digital marketing outlay. 981 more words

Status Quo

Why Even a Modest Disruption Will Shatter the Status Quo, by Charles Hugh Smith

From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

Any modest reduction in debt, tax revenues, consumption or new borrowing will bring the entire Status Quo crashing down. 255 more words


Good men on the fall !

Let’s discover this statement together ?
Hey their this thought just kept on ringing in my head good men fall, what makes them fall? Guys what do you think, I won’t judge you for the answer you have in your mind at this very moment ! 162 more words

Status Quo

Don't be complacent, lead from within

We often fall into routines which can be detrimental to our constant development and our leadership success. It might start with laziness, and it is prolonged by acceptance and comfort, but that does not make it necessarily good. 400 more words


Better than a year ago

Twelve months ago I couldn’t keep going anymore. I was in a very bad place and literally don’t remember November 2014 to January 2015. A year ago I had to stay at home from work for two months. 342 more words

Status Quo

Challenging the Status Quo (Safely)

At the end of #YRDSBQuest, Michael Fullan told the educators in attendance that they need to go back and challenge the status quo.

I am documenting the ongoing conversation about how to do this safely. 194 more words

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