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Done with the Status Quo.

I am passionate about Jesus.

I don’t always show it in the best way; I don’t always read my Bible. I struggle with gossiping. I’m not a great person, sometimes, but I love Jesus. 701 more words

We Humans Not Colours Of Race

Ain’t we one just different world views and cultures, just different pigment melanin. I fear that we promoting a non accurate notion, when one is distinguished by specific inherited physical characteristics such as skin… 245 more words

Status Quo

My kind of people

The word “no” holds a lot of power.

It’s like the second we hear it, we deflate.

Why is it that we put so much more weight into the word “no” than we do with “yes”? 388 more words

Life Lessons

A false peace

5 Principles for peaceful Coexistence:

  • Speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil. Ignorance is, after all, bliss.
  • Live, laugh, and love. Or appear to.
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Great Rock Albums of 1982: Status Quo- 1+9+8+2

Status Quo are yet another British rock band who never quite cracked America. I first heard of them during the short time I was in the UK when I was in the service and then hardly ever heard their name until my arrival in 1986. 472 more words


On #BlackLivesMatter

If you oppose a movement for justice because it doesn’t address the issues you want it to address, you’re still opposing a movement for justice. That makes you part of the injustice status quo. 198 more words

Rants And Raves


Habits is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. So let us explore a few things concerning this pattern which can help or harm us. 332 more words

Status Quo