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The Environment and Influence

A person can be influenced by the environment, proof of which is abundant through scientific and psychological theories supporting it.

There is a theory in psychology called nature versus nurture. 269 more words


Hell Yeah to the Free Thinkers of the World!

I am currently a cubicle dweller by day.  This will not always be the case for me, as someday I fully intend to be writing as a full time gig.   623 more words

Who Stole My Country 20 - Society Of Cynics

The status quo was holy grail in the early Fifties.  Everything was perfect.  We even had a song about it, to the tune of God Bless America. 699 more words

PTSD Status Quo

Collecting cattle then distributing them along a thin line, watching them stand-tall as buildings, buildings that etch their falling way back into shadow, from whence they came, where dark enshrouds all things, the womb, unconsciousness, the paralytic state. 66 more words

The Similarities of Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Imagine a king’s court where the royals sit on elevated platforms, in elaborate chairs made of gold, and comfortably cushion their rumps with red velvet. The king and queen have their crowns and stately attire on. 585 more words

American Politics

Iran's status quo bias

What Behavioral Science Reveals About the Iran Debate

Of all the findings in behavioral science, the most significant may be “loss aversion,” the idea that people dislike losses a lot more than they like equivalent gains. 105 more words

Behavioral Economics


Here I sit, once again…



Will this ever end?

Sick and frustrated,

all belief negated,

that’s the trouble with the truth.

The truth, they say, will set you free… 42 more words