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Make your optimism come true. ~Author Unknown

Stop using words in your mind such as: “won’t” and “can’t”. Allowing negative thoughts to stay in your mind and to grow helps them to control how you react to situations, resulting in them becoming a reality. 38 more words

Status Quo

"Why didn't you ask for help much earlier?"

…you may question.
“I don’t know!”, I answer.

Because the darkness came slowly. Because I thought it was puberty and lovesickness and the weather. Because others were worse. 127 more words

Status Quo

9 steps to keeping my hard earned Ca$h

Jewish principle – Tithe – $1

Offering – $1

Save – $2

Spend – $5

Invest – $1
1. Net worth

First list – assets things you own which are worth money… 454 more words

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Such a buddie 

Hey guys what are those tendencies that’s stopping us to reach the ultimate goal?
that keeps communities and societies from falling apart. And it is the one element that has the ability to exhort us to persevere in times of failure and grief. 218 more words

Status Quo


In my last post I mentioned that blogging is like sucking poison out of my wounds so I decided that’s exactly what I’ll do for a whole post. 1,204 more words

Status Quo

The wretched dance of the damned

2016 is the year of two very drawn out political events. One of them is the EU referendum, in which Britain will decide whether or not to leave the European Union. 1,185 more words


Screw Status Quo

Screw status quo.

You are NOT average.

You will NEVER be measured
by the traditional norms.


You are measured by your ambition, 9 more words