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Rick Parfitt quits Status Quo after 50 years following heart attack

Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt has reportedly quit the band after a career spanning nearly 50 years.

The 68-year-old ‘died’ for several minutes after suffering a huge heart attack in Turkey in June, and it’s now believed that he has left the band on health grounds. 273 more words


Writing :)

Again and again I’m grateful for the fact that I discovered blogging. I have always been looking for something I’m good at, a way of creating something, a talent if you like. 409 more words

Status Quo

The Mask

by Annalene Hart

the mask
behind the mask
the skin
under the skin
layer upon
opaque layer,                                                                                                                                                   pomegranate,                                                                                                                                                         granite,

red caked

the sigh… 268 more words


Once again I’m searching for grey. For “normality”. For the average – although, on average it’s okay what my head is doing; it is well known that average values don’t tell us how significant the peaks and bottoms are… 349 more words

Status Quo

Ceva Românesc I


Știam că vestea ar fi fost uluitoare, și am evitat să o anunțăm pe Ana. Toate pregătirile le-am făcut doar sub acordurile copiilor. Nu ar fi bine să o înștiințam, spune Cosmin plin de umor negru… Ar putea face un infarct! 827 more words

Status Quo

Judicial System

Our Judicial system is outdated, it’s like something out of the stone age. Where women and children and animals rights are a mockery. The sentences for crimes against these demographics are a complete joke. 363 more words

Gather Round The Flag

Sacred cows and Brahma Bulls should not visit China shops
Herding cats and absolutes seems to be my thankless lot
Left or right, up or down we all gather round the flag… 255 more words