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Design Meets Craft

After having my Cricut a couple of weeks, I’ve happily discovered that it’s the precise intersection between designing and making. I have an idea, I design it in Illustrator, and I test it with my Cricut. 249 more words



Some stimuli has led to a jolt within, where new factors were given a rise of prominence. Still the backdrop of self-inflicted undesirability remains as repugnance is accepted. 83 more words

Status Updates


Sometimes the dirt stays on; an unwanted passenger that degrades what it congeals upon. I feel this way with my brain: the coatings of splattered muck are easy to diagnose, or render a few good whacks upon them to dislodge. 132 more words

Status Updates

Still plugging away

I have been trying to stay on track. I have had mixed success with that. I am doing well on the walking and even hit over 10,000 steps yesterday. 90 more words

Status Updates


End of old soggy sock smell and start of soft friend in a fuzzed-out place. The moving air and sheet jitters bring a fluttering-wing calmness. Everything weighed to down, and the time of joining is near. 76 more words

Status Updates

Well that went great…

I last posted in July about how I was starting over… and then… the sound of crickets. What has happened since then? Lots of stress, lots of me handling it badly, lots of excuses, and oh, I am now on insulin. 436 more words

Status Updates