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Stay Alert, trust nobody

I’ve seen this documentary so many times it’s crazy and I’m sure some of you have too but after seeing the thread located here and a few others I realized it still needed to be shared. 56 more words


Couple Accused Of Pulling “Shoulder Surfing” Scam To Cash $400K In Counterfeit Checks At Walmart

Whenever you’re dealing with your private information in a public place, it’s a good idea to use your body/bag/hand as a shield to keep prying eyes from peeking where they shouldn’t. 422 more words

diligence, alertness, and gratitude

“Pray diligently. Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.” Colossians 4:2, The Message

Prayer: Talking To God

Jesus Is Coming Back . . .

Jesus then explained a few things about his return to the earth (177).

“When I do return to this earth, everyone will know it, just as everyone sees lightning flashing across the sky & lighting it up from one side to the other. 374 more words

Living in the War Zone

Living in the war zone is tough and only the strong prevail for the enemy does not lay down his arms even after a defeat as we saw in the life of our Lord. 227 more words

1Thess 4 “Practical Holiness”

“Indeed, the more sanctified the person is, the more conformed he is to the image of his Savior, the more he must recoil against every lack of conformity to the holiness of God.” . 273 more words