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Sleepy start
Potter around
Coffee coffee coffee

The week
The food
All the things
That need to get done

Washing washing
Baby dates and doctors… 30 more words


Lost mommy

Well, after months of thinking of starting a blog, here I am finally initiating a blogpost. It’s a wonder that this took me so long and I won’t be surprised if this is the only post that I write for a while! 532 more words

Photo Friday: Milk & Love

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a morning tea hosted by Milk & Love; a gorgeous boutique business specialising in maternity and nursing fashion. 183 more words


Motherhood, 2.0

I recently started to write about my experience of becoming a mother: the alien sensations of being pregnant for the first time (when ligaments stretched and gas got trapped and sometimes I bled for no reason and everything was unprecedented and felt seismic and completely unfathomable); the frantic consumption of facts and advice in books and online about pregnancy and birth (but, perhaps somewhat naively, absolutely nothing about actual parenting); the gruelling and brutal labour (a post for another day perhaps); the overwhelming torrent of love and fear and complete exhaustion of new motherhood… And then I stopped. 1,149 more words


Why I love being a SAHM (and why you should too💗)

As you know if you’ve been reading my blogs (thank you if you have!!) I’ve been out of work since leaving my full time job April 2016 and telling them I wouldn’t be returning this January. 535 more words

Parent Category

Hi I'm Kate, and I'm a stay at home mum.

“So what are your plans about going back to work?”

I hear this a lot. People don’t think anything of it and nor should they. But for me it’s actually not that simple. 769 more words


But what do you do all day?!

I was asked the other day (and I still can’t believe it) what I “actually get up to everyday”. I was in complete shock and couldn’t think of an eloquent response to put the person back in their box (I had to be polite- they are someone I see regularly). 313 more words