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Education and our use to society

After reading this post and this great poem by Shelley yesterday, I looked upon his life on wikipedia. Very interesting!

Then, in the middle of my reading about him and his wife, … 791 more words


The Long Days of a New SAHM

It’s a constant battle for me. My inner “fab mom” wants to take the kids places every day, have them eating a rainbow of food with no trace of a grain of sugar and only watch 30 minutes of wholesome, educational TV per day. 385 more words


Just checking in!

I am having the laziest week, as in not doing the school runs! It was tipping down this morning and my step dad ran the girls in for me. 190 more words

If You Give A Mouse An Ice Block

“Can we make ice blocks, mum?” she pleads, in that way to which I can’t say no. Her eyes are ablaze and I pause for a second, taking them in. 493 more words


The Mummy Diaries | A Typical Morning

After what feels like a really long break away from my little world here on the blog, I am finally feeling motivated and energised enough after the birth of my son, who came by yet another C-section (my third one) that had a recovery period that was a little longer and harder than I expected, to get back into the swing of things. 1,648 more words


I wanna hold your hand

My almost two year old son Nate has quite a few ‘rituals’ and one of them is holding my hand when he’s tired. This has proven to be a bit of a challenge at times, because he simply must hold my hand; regardless of whether it’s during the night when he wakes himself up, or when I’m trying to feed his baby sister at the same time. 379 more words

My Life

How many jobs do I really have? - A day in the life of a stay at home Mum who works from home

How many jobs do I have? Hmm…let’s see.

My paid work that I do from home is  that I co-run not one, but two businesses with my sister in law. 1,941 more words