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Hey guys hope you are all well. I for one am down with a cold but thank god the kids are off for half term so hopefully I will be better by the time they go back. 17 more words


KABOOM! (Our first lovebombing experience...❤️)

According to Oliver James, PhD, ‘Lovebombing’ is a way to “reset your child’s emotional thermostat” by showering them with your undivided love, affection and time. It’s the complete opposite to a timeout and can take place wherever you like, for as long as you like. 511 more words


If you love somebody, let them go...?

Dear Freya

I hadn’t realised just how much I love sharing my life with you until just now. I have a pretty bad chest infection, and I’ve been told to rest as much as possible, and that if I haven’t improved in the next couple of days I may have to be admitted to hospital. 647 more words


All in a day's walk

It’s been a trying few weeks. I’m not sure what possessed us to think it was a good idea to fly two children under the age of two all the way from the UK to Australia. 619 more words


Their baby is definitely better than my baby...

Now in the pre-baby world I literally gave no shits about what people thought of me, literally none. I grew out of trying to keep up with the crowd a long time ago. 638 more words

Welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Amy and I started this blog to share my story and hopefully help and inspire a few people along the way. 453 more words

Be Your Own Boss

Play parties: When large families have friends over

Oh the chaos. Oh the noise.  This mumma is still getting used to the size of her family.

We had a play date today.  Can you call it a play date when you already have so many kids? 446 more words