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Back to work? Or...not.

Today I had one of those days where…I think about updating my CV and looking for a job. It happens occasionally. The boss (child/ren) annoy me so I think, “right I’ll get a new job, where people actually respect me and don’t throw my work (dinner) in the air or make me escort them to the toilet and I can wear nice skirt suits and makeup instead of baked bean smudged joggers and a dry shampooed fringe”. 415 more words


A daily routine of a stay at home mum and a (nearly) 1 year old 👩🏻👶🏼

I’ll be honest with you. Don’t shoot me down though ok? Before AO I prejudged stay at home mum’s. 🙈

I couldn’t understand what they did all day long and why they wasn’t working.

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Going 'back to work' is mildly terrifying and we probably need to talk about it more

A bit of background: I’m a coach.  I ran my own business for 8 years or so, combining high level corporate coaching with personal coaching.  Heart-warming, cup-filling work which made a difference to people and earned me a good living.  1,822 more words

Make it Monday: Melt & Pour Soap

It’s a few weeks until my soap making course with Sharon from Soap Daze and as we’re running low in Casa CH, I thought I’d try ‘melt & pour’ soap. 378 more words


Along the Aisles of Toys R' Us

Hello! I believe it has almost been 3 months since I posted an entry on this space. Life has been busy up here . Taking my LO to tots gym , playgroup, and next week to a music and rhyme activity. 282 more words

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What would Jesus do?

Some days I want to kill Alee. Through no fault of her own, but she just rings at the worst times. I’ve learned to put my phone on silent for fear it will ring right when Oakland has fallen asleep. 855 more words


A big word but what does it mean?  Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is this for everyone?

In Malaysia, MLM is often associated with pyramid scheme where I did try an MLM myself 11 years ago and restarted last year.   427 more words