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Ramblings from a Stay-at-Home mum: where my head is at today!

Spring is coming, I know because we saw some little lambs springing around a rather lopsided field the other day (whilst on our never-ending trip to the beach!) They bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart and I thought ‘I love lambs, they’re so happy and carefree’ my brain very quickly followed this up with another thought ‘I bet they’re driving their mother insane!’ because you see, like on the school run this morning my boys were running ahead of me, bouncing with every step – jumping along the patchwork pavement (thanks for that Virgin Media!!) and I am straggling behind, half running with the buggy, trying my hardest not to yell stop every 5 seconds when we pass another Mum who looks at my kids, now bounding down the school path, with the same look I reserve for lambs and newborns! 1,195 more words

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How Do I prioritise When I Have So Much Too Do?? - Vlog

Hi guys!

Here is a vlog we filmed from last Wednesday 14th February.

Blessings, Peta xo

Annoying assumptions that people make about Stay At Home Parents!

I am going to admit when I began planning this post I did have the title planned as ‘stay at home mum’ but I sat back and gave myself a smack on the back of the hand for being so closed-minded. 494 more words


A snapshot in time - the pitfalls of social media when viewed through real life

This snap taken on my phone at Wembury beach is idyllic. The shadow of a content child digging with his spade, whilst the last moments of sunlight dapple on the sea and incoming waves. 1,037 more words

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Cats out of the bag...

As of Wednesday, i became a stay at home mum.

I handed my notice in at work. A month earlier than needed but i wanted to give as much notice as possible. 191 more words

Antisocial Media

Despite my atheism, Lent is always a tempting prospect. The idea of giving something up: something which is bad for me, something which is potentially making life more difficult, something which my life would benefit from the removal of, is a refreshing one. 448 more words


Working Parent vs SAHM

I have been thinking That am doing everything at home although I don’t work at an office.  I believe I work at home from doing the cooking to washing and changing the daipers. 624 more words

The Art Of Writting