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I had such a pleasant day yesterday

Waking up to this cutie how could you not have a good day haha yesterday was filled with lots of chilling and just relaxing. I think all the traveling aka driving is starting to get to me and I was just super exhausted yesterday. 498 more words

Stay At Home Mum

Another Typical Shituation

Firstly, I would like to make a public apology to any parent who attended Toddler Sense today alongside Oakland and who had to witness him full force feral and pantless. 885 more words


Why do I suck the joy out of everything?

I’m fed up with my brain not being able to enjoy the moment.

This time last year I was a full time working mum. I was out of the house 7.30am to 6pm most days. 482 more words


Seth isn’t a fan of Santa at all this year

After a massive screaming match and crying session. I got a okay photo of santa and seth this year but unfortunately i had to be in it too, to keep him happy which is something i didnt want to do but hey things you do for your kids xo

Stay At Home Mum

Food shopping!!

Okay so i didnt end up going to sleep until 2am this morning, so when Nate woke me up at 6:42am to go to work and i needed to get up and watch seth i just wanted to die, to put it nicely. 403 more words

Stay At Home Mum

Wrecked, but never been happier.

These last 9 weeks have been the best weeks of my life. Yes, that’s right.  9 weeks of sleepless nights, early mornings, tears (mine and hers), laughter, smiles and most importantly, love. 414 more words

Don’t be ordinary

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary 💗

Stay At Home Mum