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Patience of Job

Some days it’s easy to forget that there was a time when I didn’t think I’d ever be a mom. (Long story short, a combination of PCOS and thyroid disease threatened to rob me of that opportunity). 478 more words

Freelance Mom

A quick-ish word about "depression" being a son of a bitch.

Before I say anything further, it should be noted that I have absolutely no medical credentials. I have no certifications. I have also not been treated for depression. 922 more words

Matt MacDonald

Before the words flow, it's a struggle against myself

As soon as Dasha detaches from my boob, asleep, I escape into the living room and ready to write by the window: notebook, fancy pen, russian hard candy made in ukraine. 316 more words

Learning To Write

Le purpose

Because everything silly and worthwhile should start with “le”. Le watermelon. Le naptime. Ahem, you see where I’m going with this.

My grand le plan is to finish the first draft of my first novel by the fireworks on December 31st, 2016. 210 more words

Learning To Write

Oh, The Poor, Wee Souls!

“Hey guys, wouldn’t it be cool if I got to work with the police?”
“Would it be dangerous?”
“Who would look after us?”

Of course, the answers are “no” and “seriously?”. 187 more words

The real image of parenting.

Too often I talk about the hardships and frustrations parents face, but parenthood is filled with as many moments of joy and frivolity as anything else; I want a written remembrance of this. 928 more words

Why your spawn should be cleaning up after itself as soon as it is able to walk. 

Way back in the day, before I entered dinosaur-dom, I remember hearing peers and certain family members make mention of the fact that they didn’t have to clean their room (or anything else in the house for that matter) because their mother did it for them. 573 more words

Matt MacDonald