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What's Loooooove Got To Do, Got To Do With It...

… According to Confucius, EVERYTHING!  As some of you may know, since becoming aware that GG and BB were on the Autism Spectrum, I had put everything in my life on hold and devoted all my energy into consulting, researching and implementing early intervention methods to help my precious babies get the best possible start in life as research shows that for children with ASD early intervention is a crucial tool that will literally determine the quality of their entire future life!  2,064 more words

On being a stay at home parent

The other day I was reading a post on a popular parenting blog, written by a stay at home parent who feels largely invisible. She describes the various things she does every day, multiple times a day, to keep her home in order for her family, and how those things go ignored and unnoticed by her family, even her husband. 877 more words



(Written by a daughter who immediately regretted saying every single one of these)

  1. What do you do all day?


This usually triggers a screaming fit from my mother about how underappreciated she feels but she is not wrong. 440 more words

Reinventing #momlife

This mama business is hard. Lets be real. It’s rewarding, but it’s also just hard. It’s even harder when we have a heap of expectations piled on top of us. 388 more words

Mom Life

Making Any Recipe Work

Part of successful meal planning is sometimes adapting recipes for the ingredients you already have on hand. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to change a recipe! 523 more words

Mom Life

9 Things My Stay-at-Home Dad Did During My Childhood

Feminism is not only about women’s rights; it’s about equality between the genders. Therefore, stereotyping the role of a stay-at-home parent as feminine should no longer exist. 528 more words

Is working full-time compatible with raising school aged children? Discuss

Is working full time compatible with raising school aged children? This was the question I posed, somewhat rhetorically, on Twitter a few nights ago. The deluge of responses I received were pretty unequivocal : Without bucket loads of support it was either impossible or very, very difficult. 882 more words