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Adventure Awaits!!!

Greetings, and thank you for stopping by to read my blog.

I’m embarking on an Adventure, one that is difficult and poses many challenges, yet offers many rewards. 563 more words


Some thoughts on the idea of Father's Day.

As per usual, I am a day late and a dollar short when it comes to these ‘themed’ posts. You can most assuredly count the fucks I give about that on one hand. 274 more words

Matt MacDonald

Why your spawn should be cleaning up after itself as soon as it is able to walk. 

Way back in the day, before I entered dinosaur-dom, I remember hearing peers and certain family members make mention of the fact that they didn’t have to clean their room (or anything else in the house for that matter) because their mother did it for them. 586 more words

Matt MacDonald

Accidents happen.

As a parent you should not be operating under the illusion that your children are perfect little angels who are whip smart and have nothing but respect for you. 771 more words

Matt MacDonald

2,000 Days of Breastfeeding

Of the last 2,000, not one day has been spent without a child at my breast.  That’s approximately 5 1/2 years, the age of my eldest, Arlo. 523 more words

What If I have The Same Problem as Dr Watson?

Anyone who is a fan of the Steven Moffat’s version of Sherlock Holmes series, will know that in the first episode A Study In Pink, Dr Watson is seeing a therapist to deal with life after his service in Afghanistan. 321 more words

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We're all picking up the same sh*t

Why do we keep talking about non-working mothers? They are like unicorns, they do not exist. If there was such a thing as a non-working mother, “working” mothers wouldn’t have to pay someone to do their (non) job in order for them to go to work. 621 more words