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Week One in the Books

Well, this has been a interesting week of running. It has been by far this year, a week where it doesn’t seem like I ran a lot. 945 more words

Chasing Goals

It's so easy being a stay at home parent isn't it?

It’s really rare that MM or I go out with friends now so when he comes home and tells me he’s got something planned I’m mostly happy he’s getting to spend time with his friends outside of work but a little sad that it’s another night I’m home doing bedtime by myself and watching TV alone trying to persuade myself to get up and tiny (haha) 191 more words

"Workin' hard for the mommy": I chose to bench my career for family

Just like wanting the ability to eat what I want and not gain weight.. (which sadly was no longer an option once I hit 25.. *pff*) my need to ‘have it all’ did not stay limited to my love for peanut butter M&M’s and party snacks… 1,590 more words

Life Recipes

All by myself...

I’m having a bit of a Bridget Jones All by myself moment today. Except I’m downing lukewarm tea instead of wine, and the vaguely melodic wailing is coming from my toddler (who has 4 teeth coming through and is also recovering from a hideous virus). 501 more words


GUEST POST: Transitioning to Stay-At-Home Motherhood

We’re happy to welcome Laura Marquis as a writer to the village! In her own words, Laura wants “to add to this space because I have found motherhood to often be a lonely role, where I have felt scrutinized and misunderstood while trying to find my identity as a mom.  

822 more words

How do I do it all? Well the truth is… I don’t!

How do you do it all? This is something that has started to be said to me a lot lately and in all honesty, it baffles me every time. 561 more words


Training Starts...NEXT WEEK!

This was originally the start of my first training block, but soreness is holding me back. But before I get to the reasons of my delay, let’s go over last week and discover why I am feeling sore. 826 more words

Chasing Goals