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The Other Side of Abortion

There’s something that’s been weighing on me, more so than ever in light of the current political climate, our President Elect and what it could mean for many of us as far as reproductive and equal rights. 1,509 more words


Motherhood is a Matter of Relativity

I was just sitting here having a conversation with myself (in my head, people, not out loud) that followed along the lines of a hypothetical dialogue between myself and someone wondering about the transition from Career to “SAHM” (I use quotations “” because there’s no STAYING AT HOME about it, even if I do remain “at home” a majority of the time). 2,075 more words

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!

Today is going to be a good day. The weather is perfect for Halloween- cloudy, slightly breezy and a bit cold. I love it. 762 more words

A Road Well Travelled

Why does being a parent of a special needs child have to mean a lifetime of tough decisions, fights and guilt?

As if having a child with health worries, developmental delays and a multitude of other concerns wasn’t enough for parents to cope with, we also have to become the decision-makers on many (if not all) milestones in their¬†lives. ¬† 891 more words

Hitting the Reset Button

Are those Oreos? Is that Ben and Jerry’s? Get in my belly! Everything I shouldn’t eat, I ATE!

That is how I was all last week, I had no self control and the main reason was being sleep deprived. 1,655 more words

Chasing Goals

Week One in the Books

Well, this has been a interesting week of running. It has been by far this year, a week where it doesn’t seem like I ran a lot. 945 more words

Chasing Goals

It's so easy being a stay at home parent isn't it?

It’s really rare that MM or I go out with friends now so when he comes home and tells me he’s got something planned I’m mostly happy he’s getting to spend time with his friends outside of work but a little sad that it’s another night I’m home doing bedtime by myself and watching TV alone trying to persuade myself to get up and tiny (haha) 191 more words