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Baby, it's cold outside.

We are entering winter headfirst in this house, we’re all sleepy and groggy, I’m full of cold and headaches, Ava is almost over a week long virus, Lily is smack in the middle of a really nasty cough and Robyn is like a leaky tap. 387 more words

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY EIGHT...the happy simpleton

Like every other american I have been consumed with what is going on in the news. I am in the process of potty training Cecilia, painting the toy/play room, schooling (of course), feeding my hourly hungry children and trying to maintain a home…so when I have time… 414 more words

Daily Adventures

Not much to say but something at least.

Hey there!

I’ve missed a couple of weeks now which annoys me but due to one thing or another I haven’t had enough focus in my head to write anything. 444 more words

Biking Montreal: At Night With Kids

Now that darkness is faster upon us, I bike at night with my kids.  This happens every Friday after swim class and more often if we play late or run too many errands. 265 more words


Temporary Blindness

Pink eye is so common you can get antibiotics for it without a prescription.  Arlo had it first and then I got it.

I am 45 and that was the first time I had pink eye so I got it again a week later (or it never actually went away).   322 more words

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN...the pitfalls of homeschooling

I was unpacking our bicycles from this mornings ride when Phoebe approached me in the garage with a serious tone in her voice saying, “Mommy, something’s wrong with Abby. 1,045 more words


A Talking Dog and Choppy Seas

How Saturdays would happen if the Big Blind Dog had language:

I awaken and get out of bed. My husband (hereafter known as Dad) is showering so I leave him in peace and head straight for the kitchen. 1,204 more words