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Annoying assumptions that people make about Stay At Home Parents!

I am going to admit when I began planning this post I did have the title planned as ‘stay at home mum’ but I sat back and gave myself a smack on the back of the hand for being so closed-minded. 494 more words


Forgiveness & Stuff

There are days where everything is the worst. I wake up with a headache, my daughter is very emotional, my son is hungry every second, and my baby is needing all the attention that exists in the entire universe. 674 more words


Accepting help

Being a parent is tough, and each parent has their own unique struggles, with their children as individuals, with their spouses (or exes etc.) And then the rest of the community at large. 450 more words



As a stay a home parent, I’m great at the parent part, not so great at being a 1950s style housewife.

In fact, I hate it. 425 more words


10. I am grateful for working from home days.

There are few things in life that knock you out of your routine for the better. Sometimes, it’s an event, weddings, birthdays and the likes which make you go about your day a little differently. 372 more words


Women's Rights Are Same As Men's Rights. Also Known As *Rights* You Idiotic POS.

Have you fucking read THIS?

Read it.  From start to finish, including the statement from the US Senate candidate that the article is about.

If you are a Republican, or Trump supporter, or in any way have your head literally stuck so far up your ass that you cannot see what is sitting RIGHT in front of you amidst the smoke and mirrors and self serving propaganda utter… 505 more words


An Appreciation For the Stay-at-Home Mom

In the past year or so I have had a change in perspective about success and womanhood. I no longer see these two subjects as separate achievements, but instead an overlapping, necessary balance. 463 more words