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I'm Back (Again!)

So, I have been pretty crappy lately with keeping this blog updated and that’s for one reason… Joshua! Being a stay-at-home parent means that Joshua is my… well, job I suppose. 966 more words


Homeschooling Challenge!!!!!

Being a homeschooling parent I obviously know what work has been assigned because I am the teacher. Changing hats I am also the parent that sits beside her to help her complete those assignments. 692 more words

Hearth Mom

This blog is boring.

Who cares? What does it even mean to be relevant in today’s workplace? I’m still trying to figure this out myself, but I suspect my yearning to stay relevant has to do with human psychology. 506 more words


Tell me about a difficult personality...

In a previous post, I recommended that every stay-at-home parent reentering the workplace should consider volunteering. I also suggested that you include that volunteer experience on your resume, particularly if it is relevant to your skill set. 317 more words


The Things We Do For Love

Sitting here in Burger King and munching my burgers, drinking coffee and cruising the net, I stumbled over an article by a “stay at home mum.” It was written by… 1,182 more words


New stay-at-home parent? Congrats(!) and I'm Sorry(!)

There are so many emotions I went through once I decided to be a full-time caregiver: joy and elation about witnessing my child’s every milestone, joy and elation about not having to drag myself back to the office, and on and on and on. 425 more words

Full-time Parent

Get your ass up!

Ready. Set. Go.

It’s Monday. Crap.

Get your ass up.

Husband is in shower.

Get your ass up. Roll. Push. Heave. Did it.

Already late. Crap. 578 more words