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What Is That Hanging From My Arm?!

Oh, yes, that would be the disgusting fat waving loosely – as if unattached to any tendon or muscle. The teeny-tiny muscle fiber that is one of the least used muscles on our body. 241 more words

My Faux Gym Membership

Ladies and Gentleman,

I pay a sum of money to some business called, Xperience Fitness, previously known as Gold’s Gym, but for some reason, I do not recall going to this business for quite some time. 455 more words

On being a "stay-at-home" parent.

To say that being a stay-at-home parent is just as difficult as working at a plant or factory is fucking idiotic.

As is, concluding from this statement, that being a stay-at-home parent isn’t difficult  9 more words


Haiku(s) of my Day (creative title, I know)

curious baby
poops, sticks finger in diaper
crying ‘get it off!’

food belongs on floor
silly mommy can’t you see?
good thing I’m around

behind a sweet smile… 6 more words



So far this summer I have captured myself in The Tragic:

and The Divine:


The usual stuff in hashtag form.

To every thing there is a season and this summer I have turned, turned, turned myself free.   184 more words