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Being the stay at home parent

Hey guys, today I want to talk about how I feel as the stay at home parent.  I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while but I felt weird about it for some unknown reason, anyway my husband has another works meal out coming up and I though now was the perfect time. 541 more words


A Sparkling Green

“Do you know who could lift this?
Hulk Smash!”

“Do you know who could jump dis high?
Hulk!  For real.”

“Red Hulk is stronger than Green Hulk but not as strong as Rainbow Hulk.” 460 more words

Because I love my Daughter

When I was a kid I loved drawing! Every day you could catch me sketching.  In my teens, I really wanted to continue to get better but I let public school deter me. 301 more words

Stay At Home Mom

I'm back, Part 2: Final updates

In my first blog posts, all those months ago, I wrote about being a stay-at-home parent and how I was feeling about it. I also wrote in detail and at length about my dad and brother, Daniel, and I’d like to briefly address those topics. 864 more words

Fun Run with Obstacel Course

This past weekend we had a busy Sunday. We spent the day at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and then the family went to a fun run at the local high school to raise money for a scholarship. 99 more words

What did you do before? 

I am a stay at mom. I wasn’t always a stay at home mom and I am not sure I always will be one, but while the kiddos are young life has granted me the opportunity to enjoy this while I can. 844 more words

Step back so another can step forward

I was raised in a very traditional household, and I expected that I’d continue the tradition.  I’d work all day at a full time job, and come home.   1,833 more words