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10 Years

One night my husband dreamed he graduated from college and President Obama handed him his diploma.  That same night I dreamed Kim Kardashian and I were best friends. 428 more words



My husband said something really interesting to me the other day. It wasn’t so much what he said so much as the way he said it that struck me. 592 more words

Summer Ends School Begins

Hello everyone!!!!

Wow I can not believe that summer vacation is already over and school will be starting next week for my kids. At the beginning of summer I was so excited to have my kids home. 371 more words

One Year

It has been almost one year since I made the move to be a stay-at-home parent. I took on this new position two weeks before we moved into a new house, just under 18 months into my youngest daughter’s life, right before my oldest daughter turned 13, and just over five years into our marriage (together for 10). 1,883 more words


Time is holy

At the beginning of a new school year, I often think about how I can use the time I have in the most meaningful, efficient en enjoyable way. 757 more words

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There Goes All That Summer Progress

In our house, the Olympics have virtually taken over our lives. I’m the sports fanatic in the family, but even my husband has been watching them. 688 more words

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause, and reflect.” -Mark Twain


WHENEVER I find MYSELF on the side of the MAJORITY, it IS time to PAUSE. 342 more words