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Mums, Are You Sure You Can't Afford to Return to Work?

Disclaimer: This post is not an attempt to persuade mothers that they should be in paid work, or a suggestion that this is in any way better than staying at home. 898 more words


You Don't Know What Its Like To Not Want To Work

I have a work ethic.

I was raised with the understanding that work came first, then play. If there is work to do you do the work to the best of your ability. 698 more words

Daily Thought

Friday HAHA - Fantasy vs. Reality

This week has been incredibly hot and my kids have been incredibly, you know, kid-like. Currently, the teen is grumbling and muttering smarmy words in his room while he turns up Law and Order SVU as loud as possible because I asked him to make the ultimate self-sacrifice and stop touching his brother’s arm. 389 more words

How Feminism Has Left SAHMs Behind – A Response.

This article on ‘How Feminism Has Left SAHMs Behind’ has been doing the rounds on social media the last few days, and I wanted to comment on it pretty heavily since it discusses a few things I have plenty of opinions about. 1,019 more words


It's a Good Life.

The idea of having a baby scared me so much that it paralyzed my decision making. I knew I wanted one and as year by year passed, I found myself passing through some prime mothering years and was still very scared of having one. 400 more words

Long Distance Marriage

Terrified of what I Want

Today has been so hard. I’m down to working three days a week but it seems like every day I am here, just doing the simple things gets harder. 534 more words


I'm back! 

It’s been a while since my last blog post, it feels strange to be back! I needed a little break as I wasn’t really enjoying it anymore, and it’s pointless doing a half-arsed attempt. 202 more words