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Reinvention in parenthood.

I had a quick and defensive conversation with my husband about blogs.

Not a conversation, more of my hormones making their presence be known:

Husband: “Oh cool, you wrote today!, there are a bunch of food bloggers coming to…. 1,156 more words


I somehow got a gnarly knot in my left upper calf that I can’t shake out :'(

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The Stay At Home Mom That Could

Where do I begin? Well I guess I’ll start by telling a little bit about my background. I graduated with a degree in child adolescent development. 477 more words

Stay At Home Parent

Stay at home parent and Identity crisis

Ever since I quit my job four years back, I’d been asked a zillion times ‘Are you working’? And the questions doesn’t cease there as the answer was always a “No”… 8 more words

Kiss or kill. Besa o mata. Kiss glory or die in the attempt. Losing is death; winning is life. The fight is what decides the victory, the winner.

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Challenge: day 4

The kids and I have never been to church on a Wednesday. We’ve just recently started getting involved. Anyways, I decided to go last night. I loved it- well, what I got to hear of it. 388 more words

Nightmare After Christmas

The month of January and the start of 2017 has been a Nightmare After Christmas, our team name for the Winter Warrior Challenge, to say the least. 891 more words

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