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Cool Off, It is Hot Outside!

by Grace Bryce

Yes, it is Texas and it is hot.  There are a few things  you can do to cool off. I have some recipes and tips to share. 352 more words

Staying Hydrated!!!

Hi guys!!!! In the summer as always temperatures rise and staying properly hydrated is even more important than normally.  Especially when trying to lose weight, water retention can stall weight loss so here are a few tips on keeping cool, hydrated and the scale and inches moving. 164 more words

Feel the heat. 

I refuse to complain about the #heat because it was miserable all winter. Just eat some ice cream, drink some rosé, leave work early, and stay cool. 🍦🍹🍉


Ways to beat the Arizona sun

Not long after the start of spring and right before monsoon season Arizona and most of the southwest experience the terrible wrath of the sun. Not to be dramatic but it melts things like Blender Bottles when I leave them in my car. 506 more words

Stay Cool My Friends

It was officially declared today on the news that the heat is at the level of

Do you know what that means?
It means it’s hot out. 65 more words


Keeping Baby Cool In The Carseat

Many times this summer, I’ve taken McKenzie out of her carseat after running errands and found her drenched in sweat. It didn’t seem to matter how high I ran the A/C in my car or whether I kept her in the shade or not, she was sweaty every time! 81 more words