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Once we follow a short route,

to reach shortly, but then realized

that it was the worse way.

Good Thoughts

Who will win the debate on Monday, September 26, 2016?

100 million American will watch the debate between Hillary and Donald, a world record. This is more spectators that will watch Monday night football! Let’s analyse together who will win the debate on purely psychological principles: 451 more words

Value Clarification

Be Careful With Your Words

Sometimes we use harsh words in anger,

that we never mean to say. Those words are forgiven,

not forgotten. We have to face the result again in future. 

Good Thoughts


It’s Monday Again

Every Sunday evening is like “not again please”.

Same that routine, people, work and boss too.

Will miss this weekend a lot. Dear weekend come back soon.

Cute Baby

5 Northern Arizona Outdoor Day Trips

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My favorite trips are the ones stumbled upon. It’s a common occurrence in my household to pick up and leave on a day of leisure.

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Career and Life Lessons on Being Cool, from the Coolest

When he was young, he was a boxer who fought 12 bouts. He said afterwards, “I won all but 11.”

Dean Martin (whose real name was Dino Crocetti) knew how to stay calm, cool and collected. 655 more words

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