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Career and Life Lessons on Being Cool, from the Coolest

When he was young, he was a boxer who fought 12 bouts. He said afterwards, “I won all but 11.”

Dean Martin (whose real name was Dino Crocetti) knew how to stay calm, cool and collected. 655 more words

Leading A Better Life

Extreme hot is not cool: How to beat the extra heat

Northwest summers can be fantastic, but when is hot too hot?

The National Weather Service is on the job to tell us, and what they are saying should get your attention now. 308 more words


Keeping Cool during the Dog Days of Summer

The summers here in Charleston, SC can be brutally warm with feel-like temperatures easily reaching 100+ degrees. The only way to truly escape the heat is to retreat indoors, but most of us would agree that summer is all about enjoying some outdoor fun in the sun. 857 more words

Kiawah Island

Stay Cool and Hydrated!

Picture Credit- http://www.themanual.com/living/how-to-stay-cool/

^^The site above also gives some tips to stay cool too so check it out!

The weather has not budged for a while and in California, let me tell you, it’s freaking hot. 69 more words

Likes & Favorites: Beating the Heat

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they’ve been sweating for 7 days straight? All I know that it’s been HOT these past couple days (I guess that’s what you get for July + global warming) and I’ve been desperately trying to find ways to cool down, while still enjoying these last couple weeks of… 665 more words

Tips for Running in the Summer Heat

I love mornings, but the kind of mornings where you ease into the day, with a good book and multiple cups of coffee. I don’t love mornings in the sense of “there’s my alarm, where are my running shoes??” Some runners are like this, and that’s great if that’s what works for them! 857 more words


Story time: Staying Cool in the Summer!

Hi everyone! So it’s the end of July and I’m just now writing this post. Why? Well because I didn’t really think about it until the AC at my house broke over the weekend! 1,006 more words