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Nordstrom Rack

After hearing many great things about Nordstrom Rack, I decided to stop by the nearest one before heading to a concert last night. I was surprised at everything I found, but only picked up three items. 364 more words

Bargains & Sales

Who Says I Am Old?

Okay first I realize I have not been updating this like I should, but I have been busy, so I cannot apologize for that. I have been trying to focus a lot on my school work so I needed to put the blog on the back burner for a while. 473 more words


People talk, keep on walk

Sebagai makhluk sosial, wajar lah ya kalau manusia punya rasa ga enak ga enakan. Mau begini eh ga enak ama temen sebelah, mau begitu eh takut diomongin ama yang itu, dan ga enakan ga enakan yg lainnya. 472 more words

Image of the Day: February 13th, 2015

Here’s an awesome photo of Austin’s greenbelt by Chris McInnis. It’s actually dated January 19th, but it’s a nice reminder that perfect weather is just around the corner. 49 more words


Swim Like A Duck

The theme of the day, maybe the year, is to swim like a duck. As one of my dear friends told me last night, you have to swim like a duck. 163 more words