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Likes & Favorites: Beating the Heat

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they’ve been sweating for 7 days straight? All I know that it’s been HOT these past couple days (I guess that’s what you get for July + global warming) and I’ve been desperately trying to find ways to cool down, while still enjoying these last couple weeks of… 665 more words

Tips for Running in the Summer Heat

I love mornings, but the kind of mornings where you ease into the day, with a good book and multiple cups of coffee. I don’t love mornings in the sense of “there’s my alarm, where are my running shoes??” Some runners are like this, and that’s great if that’s what works for them! 857 more words


Story time: Staying Cool in the Summer!

Hi everyone! So it’s the end of July and I’m just now writing this post. Why? Well because I didn’t really think about it until the AC at my house broke over the weekend! 1,006 more words


Beat the Heat

It’s super hot out there in the late days of July. Find a pool, stay inside, and be cool. Whatever you do, hydrate. Drink water.


The Dangers of the Dog Days of Summer

There’s no doubt about it. Summer is my favorite season. Even with the humidity and high temperatures we get here in my little corner of Michigan, I love it! 832 more words

Scrapbook: How to Stay Cool in Summer

Summer is upon us and depending on where you are in the world, this may mean a nice warm breeze or a sweltering rays of sun or even torrential rain. 643 more words


Sometimes we're all just suffering

On a day like today, my pain and discomfort doesn’t seem much worse than anyone else around me. Sometimes discomfort is simply universal.

With the humidex putting our temperature at 41 degrees Celsius (that’s 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit ) it’s pretty safe to say that anyone not in the vicinity of central air is suffering big time. 147 more words