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“Cool Down” – This is how!

New one from our “Beat the Heat” series!

Summer is at its advent and we have already started experiencing the heat.  It’s hot when we go out and it’s hot when we decide to stay at home. 426 more words

In Times and Spaces like these ...

Remember who you are. Deep down, where the memory is almost gone, reach in there. Connect with the larger aspect of yourself beyond the personality you now hold as “you”.  154 more words


Warm Weather Running Tips from a Reformed Spring/Fall Runner

I used to run only in the spring and fall, in the spring to ramp up my fitness fast after a long winter and in the fall because well it got easier by then. 1,926 more words


37 degrees: How to stay cool?!

It’s getting hotter every day. April is the hottest month in Nicaragua. The streets at midday are literally burning. The hottest day should be Thursday this week. 193 more words


Get roasted, stay alive!

एका वाचकांनी सुचविल्यामुळे हे लिहितेय.
कडाक्याच्या उन्हात हे जरूर सांभाळा
स्वतःच्या काळजी बद्दल तर बोलूच परंतु हे नक्की करा.
सुदैवाने आज या क्षणाला घरात गारव्यात सावलीत बसून उन्हाचे बाहेर पडू नये असे डोस देणे विरोधाभास वाटतोय कारण, मला तुम्हाला कदाचित शक्य होईल बाहेर उन्हात जाणे टाळणे.

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Don't Be Stupid.

Oh shit.

I’ve done this. Can I say that setting up this blog was so physically tiring that I want to go take a nap now? 197 more words

How to Look Hot, while Staying Cool

Tips on Summer Fashion & Trends

Temperature are soaring and you are feeling hot, hot, hot!! But how do you stay cool as a cucumber  and yet turn up the tempo. 426 more words

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