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Splatoon Stimulus Package

What’s that you say? Worried that after you play through Zelda: BOTW you won’t have much else to play? (Even though there’s at least 10 games confirmed to launch on March 3rd alongside the Switch and a myriad of games releasing throughout March and the coming months.) 184 more words


Fit Friday~Stay Fresh!

In lieu of this being a ~mostly~ fitness blog I have decided to try and post one fitness blog a week…maybe like a “Fit Friday” if you will!   872 more words

Store it wise

Summer, a season for fresh fruits and vegetables J Personally, I stored up two dozen of tomato, 4 boxes of strawberries, 2 brunch of banana, 4 ice brag lettuce… Oh… I think I am too hungry when I go to the market, which make me bough too much food items. 304 more words


£3 meal from Top restaurant!?

We all know that restaurants discard large quantities of food that are fresh and editable, but unsold. But how we exploited this problem ? Don’t worry, someone got it solve ! 266 more words


Ugly food? Imperfect makes perfect.

There is larger amount of food item is wasted before they even reach the supermarket …. But why they are being “wasted”? Mostly like because of how their appearance doesn’t meet our “strict cosmetic standards” ( which mean our idea of how fruit and vegetable should look like ).  244 more words


Day 65: Keeping the Saw Sharp

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. 317 more words

Daily Expressing Gratitude Challenge

What is old to me, is new to you. Let’s Party !

Did I just say Party? Yes!

I have been thinking of what is the fun way to cut down the food waste.

And then I come up with an idea of “ Leftover party “ ? 213 more words