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What is Magic?

I believe magic is what happens when you open your heart and allow your spirit to be your master, more than your head.

See, the real magic happens as a result of divine forces coming into play; often referred to as the “surrounding light” and your spirit innately understands this magical language of Light.  328 more words

Staying Connected

Inside the Hustle: Connecting With Other Like Minds

Sitting here at this really unique and inviting coffee shop near the corner of 6th Street and Shatto Place called Cafe Mak. Meeting up again with Nina from NextDoor, a freelance writer I’ve been communicating with over the past couple of weeks. 215 more words

Female, Single N Hustlin'

I call it the IMAGINE Theory

What if your Archetypical Patterning is another version of you, in a parallel universe?

Here is some interesting information that will support you in understanding the comprehensive and infinite structures connected to the Living Attributes system. 2,186 more words

Staying Connected

Message of Light for June

My responsibility to you is to be me… for as I grow beyond my manufactured self and reveal my GodSelf I create more light, more love, more life.

And So It Is

Staying Connected

Sublime Style 

Fashion is nothing to do with sex, fame or status and everything to do with your Attitude and Creativity – The way one presents their image; their style is only ever related to the person wearing it. 19 more words

Staying Connected

The shift​ toward Higher Purpose

I am sure you can sense we are in the midst of a very powerful shift of change that’s happening throughout our planet.

My message to you Goddess is to remind you that you have a number of notable archetypical energies that can help you prepare for your next phase in this planetary shift. 267 more words

Staying Connected

The Coming King

Oh oh oh oh oh oh! He’s coming, He’s coming
That’s what we keep hearing all the time
How long will He take to come back? 218 more words