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Greek Steak Salad

I think I took some of the worst food pictures EVER tonight…please don’t judge me.  In my defense, I went to the grocery store way too late in the day, got home, washed all the veggies, put everything away, and had just enough time to make a quick dinner before I passed out from starvation.  310 more words

Paleo Recipes

"Hello, gorgeous." - Fanny Brice, Funny Girl

Sesame Steak Salads

Really, is there anything tastier than steak?  We don’t eat very much red meat in my house anymore, but once in a while, we’ll treat ourselves. 369 more words


The Authenticity Hoax: The Jargon of Authenticity

It is tedious fielding questions about what local Singaporean food I missed while away, or what I am craving to eat now that I’m back. It’s not just the repetition that’s dull, but the expectation that I would have missed anything at all. 1,700 more words


Chili-Spice Steak Salad


-3 oz of raw lean top sirloin, cut into thing strips
-1/4 tsp. chili powder
-Sea salt and ground pepper (to taste)
-1 tsp of olive oil… 75 more words

Eat Clean.

Spectacular Spanish Beef Salad. Ole!

An apology: The Retro Mom has had shoulder trouble for the past three months, so posting has been sparse, at best. Hopefully, 2015 will bring many lovely posts and some other surprises! 580 more words

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