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Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks

It’s that time of year in New England when we jump out of our winter lairs and onto our no-longer-snow-covered decks to fire up the grill. 805 more words

I Pledge To Curb My Extravagance

I am not extravagant.

And yet.

Here I am, tossing a serving or two of pork tenderloin down the garbage disposal. Scraping a serving or two of eggplant into the trash. 531 more words


Prime at Le Meredien

For the month of April, the group decided to try out Prime at Le Meridien. Prime has been known for their Wagyu Prime Rib and that was what the four of us ordered. 170 more words


Green Kitchen

Have you been into a restaurant where in you do not really have to take a sneak peek at the menu because you clearly know what you want to eat? 621 more words


"Wine Of The Month" Dinner at Novencento

Picture this. It’s Friday and you’re still debating making it the 3rd night in a row you order UberEATS and catch up on a Netflix binge. 342 more words


Studying abroad in Uruguay

As I write, it’s our week break for Easter. Most other Hispanic countries take this week off also, and it is typically called Semana Santa. However in Uruguay it’s called ‘Semana de Turismo’ owing to the country being laic. 1,337 more words


Let There Be Dinner, Dessert, and Dancing!

I had been wanting steak and was not keen on going into a restaurant and ordering a steak on my own. It is not that I have a problem eating on my own, but a steak dinner is not the kind of thing that one indulges in by oneself. 494 more words

Sweet Jesus