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Never Leave Your Luggage Unattended

Thieves walk among us! Not just the kind who nab an extra straw at McDonalds, oh no, I’m talking the type who’d steal your laptop and passport as you sit cosy on a coach about to head off to the airport. 663 more words


Eurovision 2019 Semi-final: Australia wows viewers but will THIS country steal the crown?

Eurovision 2019 kicked off on BBC Four tonight with the first semi-final of the competition and viewers tuned in to see 17 countries take to the stage at Expo Tel Aviv, Israel.  30 more words

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Story of my Glasses

This is one of the storys of my travels I am least really proud off, is this one. I was just casually visiting a rather boring Temple area around Uluwatu, in the south of Bali. 266 more words


Fallout 76: How to Rob a Player Vendor

Before the title causes some butt hurt… this is more of a warning to vendors than a way to help dicks be dicks. (I’ll update this when I find out about more ways) 1,393 more words


US OFFICIAL ADMITS TO CRIME - Pompeo: CIA trained to "lie, cheat, and steal"

“In a rare moment of honesty, Mike Pompeo admitted to an audience that the CIA trains employees to “lie, cheat and steal.” While he seemed to find the whole thing funny, not everyone is amused, as RT found out… 32 more words


Too Little Too Late

Todd came into the kitchen to talk to me after we called the police on Will for stealing. During our conversation, he told me he had fired Will and he indicated he had decided not to help himself to our food anymore. 233 more words