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Surprise! Missoula, Montana expected to get mostly Muslim refugees after all

Update April 28th:  A little inside baseball about how Missoula got so lucky to get a refugee office, click here.

Have you been following our posts on the plan to open Montana to refugee resettlement?   511 more words

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NGOs called out, care more about flooding Europe with 'diversity' then with the well-being of refugees

Invasion of Europe news…..

I didn’t know that major international ‘humanitarian’ organizations had threatened to quit helping refugees in Greece in protest against the German/Turkish deal to return many migrants to Turkey. 659 more words

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Geller: Obama Administration gives grant to questionable Islamic charity

Pamela Geller is not pulling punches (does she ever?) in her post about the Obama Administration giving some of your hard earned dollars to a charity linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. 171 more words

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Texas legislature holds refugee hearing: state taxpayers on the hook for millions

As we have been reporting, all across America state legislative bodies are starting to ask questions about how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program works and who is paying for it all. 487 more words

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Comment worth noting: '7delta' answers Hetfield of HIAS, Inc.

Not intentionally though…..

Editor: Yesterday while I was away in Washington, DC, ‘7delta’ left an important comment to my post of two days ago about the legislation making its way through the South Carolina legislature, … 1,669 more words

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Comments worth noting: Listen-up Catholic readers

Editor: As long-time readers know we have a category of posts here at RRW entitled ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts’ and today we bring you this comment from reader ‘hogswithdogs’ to our post ‘So much for the Pope’s power of persuasion’ 355 more words

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Somalis arriving at the rate of 750 a month right now; will it ever end?

As of March 31, we were 6 months into the 2016 fiscal year which began on Oct. 1, 2015.

Since you all were interested in the… 266 more words

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