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All they needed to do to save Europe from invasion was to turn back just a couple of boats

….but it is too late.

Here is a long story at Bloomberg Businessweek that you don’t have to read. It is an overly-long, detailed account of the travails of a Somali migrant (is he even telling the truth?) being trafficked in to Europe. 347 more words

Who Is Going Where

WND: Frightened Christians lose battle over U.S. mega-mosque

That is the title of a story about the travesty that occurred in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Tuesday evening.

Before you read this consider the fact that the US Department of State continually places Muslims in the same communities in which they have placed Christians from the Middle East.  376 more words

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Trump is right about Sweden; it has long been my pick for the first EU country to fall

…anyone who wants to find out how not to handle a migration crisis is welcome to pay us a visit.

(Tove Lifvendahl)

Invasion of Europe news….. 573 more words

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Government demographic studies all wrong on Somali numbers in US

We probably have at least twice as many Somalis of ethnic descent living in the US as the federal government is telling us!

This little article caught my eye yesterday, so I went back this morning to look at numbers I have recorded for years. 458 more words

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The nerve! UN Secretary General goes to Saudi Arabia and says "Islamophobia" to blame for world's worst violence

 “Guterres is a perfect example of the unholy alliance between the secular Marxist left and the Islamists.”

(John Guandolo)

Newly selected UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, went to a Muslim country that refuses to resettle Muslim refugees—Saudi Arabia—and said infidels are killed because they are instigating Islamic violence by practicing free speech! 555 more words

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Migration Research Professor Confirms What Many Have Said About Muslims/Islam For Years

Cognitive dissonance has become prevalent throughout society.  And, it isn’t just cognitive dissonance that helps to create conflict;  it is a willful ignorance of facts.  For years, many in the alternative media, blogging community, and all those who have knowledge of Islam and the Qu’ran, have stated that moderate Muslims pose as much a threat as extremist Muslims.  1,086 more words

Hohmann's "Stealth Invasion" is Amazon #1 best seller in Terrorism category

“This book couldn’t be more relevant to where we are right now, as president Trump begins strong actions on immigration and refugee reforms.”

(Susan Freis Falknor) 65 more words

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