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Hillary's Libyan legacy still responsible for invasion of Europe as Italy panics

Invasion of Europe news….

I’m not going to let you all forget that it was Hillary and her girls who were responsible for the overthrow of Libyan strongman Muammar Ghaddafi that resulted in the opening of the flood gates from Africa to Europe for tens of thousands of mostly economic migrants from the heart of Africa to countries like Italy geographically on the frontline of the invasion. 444 more words

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Hawaii: Muslim Brotherhood-backed imam dictating US refugee policy

… instead of banning the Brotherhood, the U.S. is letting a Brotherhood-backed imam dictate U.S. refugee and visa policy.

(John Guandolo)

The Hawaiian judge (a personal friend of Obama) might have issued the order, but the drive to stop Trump’s travel and refugee admissions pause comes from Egyptian imam Ismail Elshikh. 629 more words

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Sterling Heights mosque could be delayed further as local community files its own lawsuit

For background see our earlier post, here. And, take note that the Obama US Attorney who sided with the mosque builders was one of those asked to resign by President Trump a few days ago. 652 more words

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CNN ballistic over Rep. Steve King's tweet about demography being destiny

I’ve mentioned before that I watch CNN every morning while my coffee is perking. I recommend it to all of you because one is instantly oriented to what the political Left is going to harp on for the day. 160 more words

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"Battle of Rotterdam" on eve of historic election in the Netherlands

Invasion of Europe news….

Western Civilization is under assault: “If this continues, our culture will cease to exist.”

(A Dutch citizen of Amsterdam told The Washington Post this week) 754 more words

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Muslims and non-Muslims given guidance on how to fight Trump's refugee slowdown

From a publication called Truthout comes words of advice for open borders activists on how to think, organize and push back against the Trump Administration’s refugee admissions and travel pause Executive Order. 660 more words

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All they needed to do to save Europe from invasion was to turn back just a couple of boats

….but it is too late.

Here is a long story at Bloomberg Businessweek that you don’t have to read. It is an overly-long, detailed account of the travails of a Somali migrant (is he even telling the truth?) being trafficked in to Europe. 347 more words

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