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German Jewish group says migration of Muslims into Germany must be "limited"

Invasion of Europe news…..

So, I guess we are seeing the limits of some Jewish leaders in Europe as an Austrian Jewish group has also called for a halt to the Muslim migration which shows no sign of slowing down. 307 more words

Muslim Refugees

Senator Rand Paul cites KY refugee terrorists/Boston bombers on radio talk show, angers Left

I’m glad to see 2016 Presidential candidate and US Senator Rand Paul annoying the Left as Mediaite reports here.

See our post yesterday where we pointed out that a couple of years ago Paul was an outspoken critic of the program, then had gone underground on the topic.   553 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Boy Rubio straddling the fence again on refugees/immigration; bring in children and old women

Julia Hahn has another good piece at Breitbart yesterday (hat tip: Joanne) on the refugee resettlement controversy and how it is roiling the 2016 Presidential campaign. 828 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Almost 15,000 Burmese Muslims brought to US in last ten years

Yesterday, Obama was in Malaysia promising that our doors were open to Burmese Muslims known as the Rohingya.

Here are some numbers for you.  I went back ten fiscal years.   273 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Most of the Syrian Refugees Are Really Stealth Jihadists

I know that sounds radical if you are only getting your news from mainstream television and radio. If you are a liberal, it will definitely seem radical. 727 more words