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Bounty: Lagomorph of Caerbannog

Clicker Heroes • Defeat Lagomorph of Caerbannog

In the 298 hours I have on-record for Clicker Heroes on Steam, I have never been able to break through the psychological barrier of Level 1000. 210 more words


Dripping With Insanity

Achievement printer part 1 • Only Liars Comes Up With Excuses

Look, I won’t lie to you – this was a tough call. Do I yield a little and take one of the 1,450 Steam Achievements that I earned tonight from ‘ 350 more words



AdVenture Capitalist • Buy 666 or more of each Earth investment – A lot of unlucky numbers

This is just a quick entry tonight, because I am neck-deep in study mode as I prep for my Microsoft Certification later this week. 120 more words


Toe in the Water

Endless Legend • Play for 10 turns, across any number of playthroughs

If I’m perfectly honest, Endless Legend isn’t really what I was expecting. What… 326 more words


Winter is coming

Game of Thrones • Finish chapter 1

I am unashamedly a huge Game of Thrones fan. I’ve read the books, I’ve binged the series, and I still maintain that the GoT Telltale series is one of the best uses of the Thrones’ IP I’ve seen. 236 more words


Get Cory Learnt

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money • Reach Season 3

I’ll talk about this game in a minute, but what I first want to discuss is the guilt of video gaming. 357 more words


Stopped The Invasion

Sakura Agent • Put an end to the invasion

I feel like we have reached a point in social progress where almost everything has become acceptable. 311 more words