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Steam Powered: Orwell

Investigator, time to get to work.

Orwell is an Indie Simulation game by Osmotic Studios which was released back in October last year. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical of this game at first. 486 more words

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How Valve Saved Steam From Its Crisis of Confidence

Valve created Steam Greenlight as a way for developers to present their product to the world in the easiest way possible. Indie (independent) developers, with usually low budgets, would pay a $100 “hosting” fee and then can share screenshots, videos, and snippets of their game for people to vote on. 707 more words

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Steam Powered: Beholder

Games about oppressive governments seem to be very popular as of late.

Beholder is one of the few games I picked up during the steam sale, and I am really glad I did. 410 more words

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Steam Powered: Party Hard

It is a miracle, my wallet survived the Steam Autumn Sale! I only bought one game, Party Hard.

Party Hard is an indie strategy game made by  480 more words

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Steam Powered: Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator

This has to be one of the dumbest games I have ever played, and I love it for that!

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator is an indy comedy game created by Vile Monarch. 285 more words

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The Bullshot Stops Here

In the wake of the controversy surrounding No Mans Sky and it’s use of Bullshots (images and videos not representative of a games final product), Valve just added a new rule for those hoping to use their storefront. 174 more words


Steam Powered: Trick & Treat and Bloody Walls

Two video game reviews for the price of one! Well, not really, since both of these games are free. Trick & Treat and Bloody Walls. … 491 more words