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Completely nuts!

Train Valley • Complete 50% of any level at speed x4

Well, it finally happened. I pulled the pin on my beautiful Project Scorpio Edition today, and took it back to the shop for an exchange. 368 more words


Kill Boxer 01

BanHammer • Kill Boxer 01

This post didn’t publish properly for some reason … I have tried again.

Time for something a bit different today after a lengthy stint of… 111 more words


Goodbye, cruel world

King Arthur’s Gold • Commit suicide

I’m fairly philosophically opposed to suicide, and I’ve been fairly vigilant about avoiding the topic as a trigger since my own brush with anxiety and depression, but I think the ‘subject’ versus the ‘action’ remain quite different, and I’m not so debilitated that I cannot look at the concept objectively. 133 more words


Grand Standing!

AdVenture Capitalist • Buy 1000 of Everything on Earth

Before I got too carried away exploring the Reef and trying to round-up the riot happening at the Prisoner of Elders in… 193 more words


First Day

Cross Set • Solve one level

I didn’t have much time to play on the PC during my working day today, on account of having to duck off slightly earlier from work (gearing up for a big family vacation next week), and with a tight lunch turnaround, I was really left trying to balance out a quick-and-easy achievment with something that I felt like playing. 455 more words


Taste of hometown

21 Days • eat Halal food

Back to the grind this week after a sensational weekend away playing esports and … oh, yes, I’m banging on again about that, aren’t I? 190 more words


Be friend with your roommate

21 Days • talk to Mahdi

I suspect that there is an intentional play on broken English in both the title of this achievemement, as well as the description … for the purposes of posterity, I have left the sloppy capitalisation in for today’s post. 392 more words