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The first step

12 is Better Than 6 • Pass the tutorial

I loaded up my Windows 10 installation today, moreso so I could put Sea of Thieves onto my PC and see how it ran, but while I was there, I thought I would investigate a couple of the smaller games I had loaded on in days gone by. 208 more words


Dictatorship 101

Tropico 5 • Finish all tutorials

There is a whole heap of sales going on across the various internet outlets at the moment. Most of them are prefixed with ‘Spring Sale’ or some non-descript game award nominee list, but either way – if you want a bargain, there’s a few doing the rounds on the web at the moment. 336 more words


Lemme Upgrade Ya

Ragnarok Clicker • Get 200 adventurer upgrades

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Another clicker.’ Well bad luck, Donald Duck, I. Bloody. Love. 350 more words


Am I Being Organized?

Mountain • Mountain organizes itself

Today is Mountain day – and letting Mountain run by itself for a few hours seemed to collect a few achievements – notably a couple for doing just that: leaving it by itself! 247 more words


Short Work

Clicker Heroes • Complete 50 Five Minute Quests

I said I would do it, and I did it. Another achievement down on Clicker Heroes… 198 more words


Hello There

Mountain • Mountain is home to something new

I don’t even remember installing Mountain, but gee I’m glad I did. What an incredibly cathartic game! 124 more words


Lab Rat

Portal • Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

Of course I’ve played Portal before. Of course I have. For the life of me I can’t work out why I haven’t played it on my normal Steam account, but all I can think of is that I’ve played it on different accounts over the years I have become increasingly frustrated with my username and switched accounts more frequently than I switch my underwear. 231 more words