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Steam Summer Sale 2020

May we hold a moment of silence in memory of all the wallets emptied.

That’s right, the 2020 Steam Summer Sale is on!

I wasn’t planning on buying much but once again, that went out the window. 474 more words

Steam Powered: Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Is there a term for games that involve digital overwatching? You know, games like Beholder and Orwell? Because Do Not Feed the Monkeys is the newest one joining that category. 361 more words

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Steam Powered: Kind Words

A few kind words can go a long way, especially now.

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) is the latest game from Popcannibal. 415 more words

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Steam Powered: A Mortician's Tale

As a member of the Death Positivity movement and a fan of Caitlin Dougly, who I have praised talked about before, I was rather intrigued when I found out there was a game based in part on her and to spread the awareness of what goes on in the funeral industry in America. 496 more words

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Steam Powered: Divinity Original Sin II

One day while chatting with Fates Folly, my awesome Dungeon Master brought up a game. A game that captures the spirit of D&D and something all of us could play together during our self-isolation. 568 more words

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Steam Powered: Coffee Talk

Did someone order a cup of heartwarming storytelling with a splash of comedy?

Coffee Talk is a casual game from Toge Productions in which you own a rather unique coffee shop that only opens at night. 384 more words

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Steam Powered: ARK

Once again, Shiloh has introduced me to a new game that I have quickly fallen in love with.

ARK: Survival Evolved is, as the name suggests, a survival action game. 383 more words

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