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Steampunk Crowdfunding: May/June 2016

What’s Going on Right Now?


Ungodly Goodies, Ends June 4

Watch the video: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2086989616/ungodly-goodies/widget/video.html

Ungodly Goodies is a multi-faceted Artisan horror company focused on Wicca, gothic, steampunk, pinup and oddity apparel that’s here for the long-term so join us and help grow this unique brand! 417 more words


A Chase in the Sahara


I found this memoir at an estate sale in Quebec.

My translation from the original French attempts to be as faithful to the original as possible. 551 more words



Young master Stephen Atherton is undoubtedly the fiend known as blackhand. I fear it is by my own doing that he suffers so, however I too suffer his curse. 343 more words


Riftmaker Release Update

Hiya Gearheads

I just flew back from Steampunk Worlds Fair, weary but incredibly grateful to my Kickstarter backers for helping me get there!

I got some great news a couple weeks ago, but I had to sit on it until the official announcement by RRPI, but over the weekend I was given the green light to shout it from the rooftops, so here goes: 64 more words


Why Poetry Matters

Well, for one thing, if we did our work ourselves instead of relying on virtual human slaves to do it for us, we would all look a lot less ridiculous. 75 more words


Friday Fiction: Drommedaris

Their history was wrong.

Their stories embellished.

Their paintings falsified.

We stood atop our mountain, one we had christened Dragon’s Back, for the craggy mountain that stretched into the sea. 529 more words


Monster High SDCC 2016 Robecca Steam and Father Hexiciah Dolls 2-Pack

Monster High has just announced on their Facebook page that Robecca Steam and Father Hexiciah Steam will be this year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives. The father/daughter 2-pack is new for the Monster High doll line and I think it’s a really exciting addition to the SDCC exclusive Monster High family. 331 more words