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How Did The Victorians Celebrate Halloween?

In some ways Halloween is fairly recent phenomena, and incredibly old in others. The roots of this holiday we all know in love come from around 2,500 years ago in Celtic tradition. 377 more words


Why Steampunk?

Well…lots of reasons.

I was inspired to write this post after watching a Lindsey Sterling video. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s this spunky kid who does some very contemporary and creative things while plying the violin. 589 more words

Clayton J. Callahan

How to Punk Your Steam Part 8.2: Make it Supernatural (Prove it!)

In yesterday’s post I talked about the cultural and intellectual climate that made a resurgence in the belief in the supernatural possible during the 19th century. 1,334 more words


Sky High

Captain Martin Renke did not like strangers aboard his ship. He didn’t trust strangers, and being stuck with someone you don’t trust twenty thousand feet above the ground in something that for all intensive purposes  123 more words


How to Punk Your Steam Part 8.1: Make it Supernatural

Steampunk isn’t just about crazy technology and altering history, there is an undeniable supernatural element to many works as well, and for a very good reason. 967 more words