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Resources for the Writer in all of Us

I am currently undergoing an editorial apprenticeship with the head editor at Rambunctious Ramblings Publishing Inc, so that I will not only be an author with them, I will also eventually rise to the rank of Editor. 408 more words


The Campaign for the Steamfest Gazette is now Live! (Plus Tips for Making a Campaign Video)

Alright, so I know our theme this month is DIY, but sometimes you also need a little help from your friends. :) Crowdfunding through sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo is one of the ways that Steampunk makers find the support (not to mention the funds) to make their dreams come true. 595 more words


Steampunk Book Review: A Matter of Temperance

When I was taking Art History classes in college, one of my favorite units was on something called “art of the naïve.” We often associate naivety with negative connotations, such as uncouth or uninformed, but in this case it means “untrained.” The art we studied during that class was the result of the creative impulse pouring itself out through someone who was not an “artist” by training or trade. 681 more words


Change of Heart by Lilliana Rose (Book Review)

Change of Heart by Lilliana Rose is one of those small novels that I really wasn’t sure I would like and took to reading it more as a exercise in widening my horizons. 304 more words

Book Reviews

The Wild West on Mars: Help Wanted

Welcome to the Wild West on Mars…

Gatling Gun Charley is a poor cowboy recently robbed by his latest employer. If that wasn’t bad enough, he is chased through the canyons of Mars by an angry farmer after he accidentally walked over his crops while fighting through a resolith dust storm. 253 more words

Science Fiction

How to Punk Your Steam: Make it Yourself

Steampunk and the Maker Movement go hand in hand. If you aren’t familiar with the latter, here is an excerpt from a USA Today article in 2014: 325 more words