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A Quiet Fight - Make a plan

Making a plan

Upstairs, Stephan made another cappuccino sat himself by the window. He was joined by Kimberly, Stephanie and Athena who was in their charge. 635 more words

Science Fiction

A Quiet Fight - A Fight in Gaol

A Fight in Gaol

Stephan was enjoying his cappuccino with Stephanie and Kimberly when DC Beatrice Monroe entered the door and, without preamble, pointed at Stephan saying, “We need to talk downstairs.” 746 more words

Science Fiction

The Itch - Warriors of St. Antoni Chapter 1

Warriors of St. Antoni is the first of my new Portal Worlds series. The book is still being written and edited, so what you read today is subject to change without notice in the published version. 2,339 more words


A Quiet Fight - A Moment at Night

A Moment at Night

Abigail and Stephan waited in an alleyway near Canon Street. At about 10 PM, Billy Sims walked by Richard Street looking a bit unsteady from his three pints at the Rope and Pulley. 833 more words

Science Fiction

Guest Post by J.C. Norman #author of Sphere’s Divide #Fantasy @AuthorightUKPR @gilbster1000

Story telling in the 21st century

by J.C. Norman

As far as I can remember, I have always loved a good story. I think even one of my earliest memories was watching films such as Conan the Barbarian with my dad. 1,264 more words


A Quiet Fight - Getting Information in Gaol

Getting Information in Gaol

That evening, Sergeant Roly Malcolm began the cell lock up. In a bit of peevishness, Wynn sat in his cell early and began reading a book. 859 more words

Science Fiction

A Quiet Fight - Waking in Gaol

Waking in Gaol

Wynn woke with a splitting headache. He went to the chamber pot and began his daily ministration. When he looked down, he furrowed his eyebrows. 918 more words

Science Fiction