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All change at the Steampunk Dolls' House

Two of the gentlemen from our collection – Alex, the young adventurer whom regular readers last met on an airship journey (here, for anyone who missed it) 151 more words

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"Esper Files" by Egan Brass

In “Esper Files,” a mad(ish) scientist in an alternative Victorian England accidentally hits the world with a massive EM radiation pulse. All of a sudden, people start manifesting unusual abilities. 196 more words

First Contact

We are all sitting in the reception area of West Suffolk Regional College not making eye contact. Are all writers introverts? Discuss in no more than 250 words and 3 paragraphs. 672 more words

First Novel

Air Born- an ekphrastic poem about the painting Airborne by Fran Forman

My flight holds the world, the stars.

I hold infinite knowledge, clasped

In my small, pale hands:

An Armillary sphere that spins on its

Axis as we drift across the small sky, 67 more words


A Quiet Fight -Accounts Paid

Accounts Paid

Wynn was enjoying a beer with Willy and another janitor, Carlos. Willy was regaling Carlos with an event from the day at the factory. 1,369 more words

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Victorian Computing Heroes

On Monday, me and Beth took advantage of the bank holiday to go on a quick jaunt to London. After speeding round the British Museum and eating a veritable feast at… 431 more words

In the Masked City, Irene saves Kai from a high Chaos world, having to abandon her role as Librarian to do so. At the start of The Burning Page Irene is on probation and given the lowest level of book recovering jobs because of that decision. 332 more words

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