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Steampunk Crowdfunding April Edition

Ever since I launched my own Kickstarter campaign in April 2014 I have been keeping tabs on all the cool Steampunk projects on that site. These intrepid makers are looking for a little nudge from folks like you to make their dreams a reality. 682 more words


Swap 'n' Drop

Aesthetically a vibrant space industrial steam punk puzzle-platformer, video game The Swapper denotes the learned level design of cult classics Super Meat Boy and Braid… 162 more words


Introducing Polly, the steampunk dolly

On returning to Lincolnshire, handmadebysoo has been inspired by the trend for steampunk, centred around Lincoln.  Visiting her first steam punk convention last summer the idea was born for a new knitted doll, Polly, the steampunk dolly.  75 more words


Ice Cream Will Fix Anything … almost!

Things were going well until the ice cream bucket got empty, by the looks of it!

This is an example of how the intended uses of manufactured articles interact with secondary uses to create cultural stories of universal relevance. 11 more words

Street Photography

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with the Earliest Footage of London

Yestervid is a super cool website that compiles footage from the earliest days of filmmaking. This montage features some of the oldest film and sound recordings around the city of London, and they have a map showing the exact location and camera angle for reference.


Liara Okiddo: Gone but Never Forgotten

Credit for the raw snapshot goes to my comrade-in-arms Liara Okiddo who recently moved on from Second Life. We have taken many pictures together in the brief time I’ve known her. 64 more words