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Steampunk Princess

She will either fix your steam engine or kick your butt. Either way she will look cool doing it. I love whipping this sort of stuff out in my lunch hour. 10 more words


Promises - Part 9

“I see no reason to strike an agreement with vagabonds and swindlers,” said an old naga who sat languidly in a large carriage. To either side of him sat his wife and daughter, both elegantly dressed for the evening’s events. 696 more words

Bioregional Literature, Out of the Box: a dissection of ecocritical culture

Here’s a beautiful ecocritical conference. Wouldn’t it be great to go?

Critical Approaches to Bioregional Literature of the Great Lakes Basin (June 20-24 2017, Detroit)

3,865 more words

Cogheart by Peter Bunzl (not just for children).

This is a great adventure story set in a steam punk version of Victorian England where clockwork robots work as servants, airships rule the skies and villainous villains do dastardly deeds to feisty children. 324 more words


Find the Best Steampunk Game for Your Favorite Platform

I’ve been carting around the same old Xbox 360 from place to place for years now, and it’s been even longer since I got a game that didn’t have “Lego” in the title (though I… 37 more words


The Pickpocket (The Viper and the Urchin, Book 0.5) by Celine Jeanjean #bookreview

Book Description

Rory is a seven-year-old starveling, carving out a survival for herself down on the docks of Damsport. When Daria, an older girl and talented pickpocket, suggests they team up to con Damsians out of their purses, Rory accepts at once.

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Booze, Glorious Booze: The Aviator

This yummy little concoction, either called ‘Aviation’ or ‘The Aviator’ depending on the source, is as pretty as it is tasty, though you probably don’t have the ingredients on hand. 246 more words