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My Trip to the Steam Room

For the past few days I’ve been feeling like a big pile of shit. I’ve been coughing and hacking up lung butter and taking Mucinex like it’s crack, but to no avail, still feel like shit. 341 more words


Spa Review: Kinspa at the Kinmel Hotel

You may have read that I recently completed my first ever sprint triathlon. Well, quite soon after booking the triathlon, I suggested it would be a great idea to book a spa day; this of course was to help us recover. 959 more words

Amazing Diffuser for Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in many ways at home to create a relaxing spa-type atmosphere, or to energize you through the day. They can be excellent in calming hyper kids down (I have a lot of experience of this!), helping you concentrate when you work on the computer or just generally create a cosy environment. 344 more words

Charity Work

Hotels Of Convenience

We were in a place that was some combination of sauna, steam-room, and communal bath; we were both entirely naked.

We had been in the room before, but with other people there also; now we were entirely alone. 104 more words


reminder to self: avoid playing tennis when sick

blehhh i shouldn’t have played tennis earlier tonight in a tshirt and shorts while feeling feverish.  it was a really tiring time, but i didn’t wanna be rude and cut it short.   131 more words


Casa Spa | Traditional Hammam | London Edgware Road

Saturday was a very exciting day for me; I was going to go on my first every trip to a spa. For my birthday, The Flatmate promised to take the two of us. 1,742 more words


Shower Habits?

I haven’t done a survey in a while and this is a topic that Supermom and I were discussing this evening.

What is normal for couples when it comes to showering? 199 more words