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Developed by Ludeon Studios, a total five people worked on this one game. Released on July 16th of 2016.

Rimworld is in a three words a ‘space colony simulator’. 551 more words


Trash to Treasure!

The ‘Do Something Different’ campers were given materials to work with that were headed for the trash can (or recycling). The challenge was to give these materials an alternative use to save them from being tossed, and to market as a new product!   10 more words


Earth Space Colonies Review - In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Curse The Lack Of Automation

Platforms: PC
Reviewed On: PC
Developer: Persona and Pixel Studio
Publisher: Persona and Pixel Studio
Singleplayer: Yes
Multiplayer: No

Review code provided free of charge by the publisher. 2,110 more words


I am Setsuna Game terbaru Square Enix yang terinspirasi dari Chrono Trigger

I am Setsuna adalah game yang sangat gua tunggu-tunggu sejak game ini diumumkan di E3 2016 2 bulan lalu.

Game ini dikembangkan oleh Tokyo RPG Factory… 236 more words


One Year Episode: Ep 54

One this extra awesome episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Mike and Taft celebrate on year of this show! Overwatch got a new character. Civilization is looking awesome if you preorder. 84 more words


Water Balloon Drop Challenge!

That’s right… not unlike the cell phone drop challenge, but a whole lot wetter! The kids had 30 minutes to design packaging (using only 2 primary materials of their choice) to protect a water balloon from breaking.   35 more words


Steam Sale! Sega Genesis Classics Pick & Mix

For the next 5 days Bundle Stars is having an amazing sale on classic Sega Genesis games for Steam. For about 30-50 cents (CAD) each depending on the bundle you chose you could have a virtual handful or bucket full or really excellent Sega Genesis games. 500 more words