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Night in the Woods Review

This is a spoiler-free review

So I am pretty notorious for not finishing longer, story games because I don’t have the time (major sad face) but Night in the Woods is one of the few that I have completed from start to finish and I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this game. 748 more words

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REVIEW / Minit (PC) - That Videogame Blog

Originally published @ That Videogame Blog on April 23rd, 2018

If Phil Connors died every 60 seconds, only to wake up again the next day to the sounds of Sonny & Cher blaring on the radio,  127 more words


Witcher Netflix Tv Series to Debut in 2020

It looks like the new netflix show of popular book and video game franchise Witcher is set to debut on Netflix in 2020 and the show will be 8 episodes long at 1 hour an episode. 39 more words

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Online Edition Announced

Rockstar Games have announced Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Online Edition which includes:

this bundle pack is aimed at bringing new players into the series as the Starter Pack gives GTA Online players weapons, properties, and vehicles as well $1,000,000 of in-game currency – and a total of $10,000,000 of in-game item value. 25 more words

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How to Use an Instant Pot®

There’s a new appliance in town—or should we say appliances? The Instant Pot® is the ultimate workhorse in the kitchen combining a few of our must-have kitchen tools like the pressure cooker and slow cooker into one brilliant gadget. 2,833 more words



Ms. O’ Sullivan’s class investigated Friction and the effect that it has on the speed that Toy cars travel down a ramp. Check out their investigation.

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