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“We’re scientists!” my high school art teacher would say when he taught the chemical formula for clay.

It’s no secret that science impacts art. From innovations like plastic tubes to preserve paint, to printing presses, to computers capable of sound mixing and animation, scientific advancements continue to give artists of all mediums more options and better tools. 566 more words


Night in the Woods: Brilliant Indie Game With Super Cute Animals!

Today we’re looking at this unusual, inventive adventure game from Infinite Fall, which has been garnering a huge amount of critical acclaim recently. Indeed, other than the still-bloody-brilliant… 392 more words

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April Unboxing: Moss Robot

Moss Robot from Modular Robotics

  • $200-$349
  • The box says ages 8 and up but if you don’t have advanced teens, I’d say 10 and up…
  • 51 more words

Onyx: An Ugly, Brown Tur-Rock, Onyx Is A Rock

On a whim, I picked up this cheap Steam RPG that came out not even a week before writing this review. Now, I’m against the idea of people charging anything for the games they’ve made in… 870 more words

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Indies of the Week #10 - Valiant

Hello and welcome to another indies of the week! this theme is Valiant meaning bravery. In video games the main character goes on a journey and meets countless obstacle and trials. 673 more words

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Grow Home - An Adventure In The Sky

In 2015, Grow Home appeared out of nowhere as a side project from Ubisoft’s Reflections Studio, the studio made famous by the Driver series. I enjoyed it when it was first released, but I had a craving for a colourful bit of platforming recently and I decided it would fun to finish it. 275 more words


Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 - PC Game Review

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is a fun WWII Squad based FPS and the first title in a series of games that spans across different gaming platforms. 393 more words