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An idea for a follow-up for my Steam Greenlight Spotlight

I’ve voted for plenty of game on Steam’s Greenlight and covered a fair few of them on my Steam Greenlight Spotlight as well and a lot of them have since been greenlit and either released or are in the process of being released (while a few got greenlit and just disappeared), as a result I’m thinking about doing a follow-up on these games. 91 more words

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A spotter’s tale

It’s Thursday 28th April 2011 and I’m sitting on the 05.51 departure from Chesham, staring up at Chesham’s disused signal box, it’s a grey morning but I have planned a rendezvous with a lady in red. 2,164 more words

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Evergreen Farm - Year One - Spring - Week 1

Hey, everyone!

I started a new play through of Stardew Valley and figured I would share some gameplay here on the blog. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a cute little rpg/farming game. 190 more words

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Indie digital board game ANTIHERO, coming this summer

Versus Evil recently today announced its strategic digital board game, Antihero, to launch on July 12th, 2017 for the PC (and planned for Mac, mobile devices eventually). 196 more words


[Neon Lotus Plays] No One But You (Part 1)

Despite having owned Unwonted Studios’ No One But You for a good few months, and starting it once before, this poor little thing has sat on my desktop with very little attention paid to it. 310 more words


Steam Controller

I’m not a huge gamer. That is, I don’t play video games competitively.

I’ve gone through the storylines in games like Uncharted and Prince of Persia, played quite a few hours of FIFA and NCAA football, and enjoyed some first person shooters like Call of Duty and Titanfall, but I’ve never been obsessed. 700 more words


This Man Revolutionized The Car Wash In India

Forbes had a profile this week on a man living in India who has revolutionized the car wash industry in his country. The business model for waterless, mobile detailing and washing might sound common place because so many exist here in the states. 237 more words