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Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Product Provided by 10Tons

Ever since October, 10Tons has been filling up the Eshop with their many titles, such as Neon Chrome, Crimsonland and The Azkend 2. 795 more words


Facebook and My Social Media Drugs

The #DeleteFacebook trend seems like it might be some kind of turning point in people’s dissatisfaction with social media. After controversies like Cambridge Analytica and… 759 more words


STEAM Storytime: Moons & Planets!

Week 2 of our month-long voyage into outer space brought a discussion about planets and their moons (did you know that Saturn has 62 moons?). Read on for a mini book tour of the planets, occasional space facts, and one of my favorite activities ever. 903 more words


A History Of The Growth Of The Steam-Engine RTF

The earliest known rudimentary steam engine and reaction steam turbine, the aeolipile, is described by a mathematician and engineer named Heron of Alexandria (Heron A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine by Thurston, Robert H. 415 more words


Frame-Rate Friday - Resident Evil 7

It’s time again for Frame-Rate Friday. This week I’m bringing you a game that proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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