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Oriental Empires (Game Review)

Oriental Empires is basically what you would get if Civilization was set in ancient China. There are several similarities between the two, enough so that I was able to just jump in without issue, but there are also some key differences. 1,060 more words


Agile #steamA2Z - N is for Negotiable

Jacqueline: Our letter today is N, and our word is negotiation. Everything we talk about is related to agile in some form or fashion, so let’s talk about agile negotiation. 1,926 more words


[fearless] LIVE! The Last Patient - Losing Patience

SCXCR traveled to San Japan this year and, thanks to some help from AngelHalo and company, was able to do a panel.  This is the first game they played.

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Agile #steamA2Z - Minimum Marketable Feature

Jacqueline: Hello. Today’s letter is M, and our topic is actually a reign of topics. You’ve all heard me mention MVP, which stands for minimum buyable product, but it’s not so simple. 4,171 more words


SteamWorld Dig 2: It's Here and It's Awesome... Hell Yeah!

Cripes! We’re huge fans of Metroidvania romp along SteamWorld Dig and were positively chuffed to hear earlier this year a, somewhat unexpected, sequel was in the works. 598 more words

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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Review

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Review – Written by Jose Vega

Purchased product for the sake of review.

Marvel & Capcom… they are two different companies that have one thing in common: a franchise where many of their franchise’s best duke it out against each other. 1,229 more words


Short Subject Saturdays: Dead Horizon

Dead Horizon is a light gun game without the gun. One that should probably take the average player around five minutes to finish. And it’s yet another free-to-play game that, despite a lifespan that would make a mayfly shake their head in pity, is probably worth at least a buck. 710 more words

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