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Slay the Spire Review: The Heart Of The Cards

Slay the Spire is a turn-based rogue-like with a card battle system. It is developed by Mega Crit and has been in early access. It leaves early access January 23rd. 1,482 more words


"Q" Connections

Producer: Steve Bransfield

Timeframe: 1950s- 1963

Locations: Chicago, Galesburg, Denver, San Francisco, and more..

Length: 50 minutes

Sources: Blackhawk collection

Burlington Route is the main railroad in this show. 418 more words

ATVR Reviews

Proč jsem změnil názor na Monster Hunter World? / Why did I change my opinion about MHW? [CZ/ENG]

Jedním slovem: společnost. Rozvedu-li tento krátký příspěvek více, jedná se o to, že když jsem hru dostal někdy loni (byla to moje vlastně první … 837 more words


Slay the Spire

One of the video games I’ve played the most in the past year or so is Slay the Spire. Since it’s getting out of early access next week (and getting more expensive ;) ), I thought it’d be a good moment to write a few words about it. 714 more words


NICHE - Talkin' bout my Generation


With each day that passes, Adam gets older. He’s not going grey, but I can tell that the long days are starting to wear him down. 688 more words


To the Moon: Tears, Sobs, and More Tears

I just finished playing the independent adventure game, To the Moon, which is developed by Freebird Games. The game was originally released in 2011 (I’m late to the game) and I purchased this game during Steam’s boxing day sale for under $5! 275 more words


Jan 19: Releases, and release and date announcements

(I have also cleaned up a lot of listings from the upcoming list…)

-Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for PS4, PSVR and XBOne was released on Jan 18 in NA and EU! 407 more words