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Mantou 饅頭 (Chinese Steamed Buns)

This is the basic dough recipe for any steamed buns (Baozi).  It can be used with fillings such as BBQ pork or pork meat & veggies.  110 more words

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My Anaconda Don't...

‘Please be aware that the fries may contain some small bits of bone.’ This is not what I had expected. Closer interrogation revealed that said fries may have also contained rather large bits of duck tongue too. 555 more words

vegan baozi with savory miso-mushroom filling

I think we can all agree that “savory, filled dough pocket” is the most delicious food category on this beautiful planet we call home. Empanadas, gyoza, ravioli, pierogies, samosas. 863 more words


Cheung Chau Bun Festival


Well, apologies… This blog post is almost a month later than I anticipated and I’ve slept a lot since 3rd May so this post might not be as thorough as I’d hoped. 1,118 more words

Hong Kong

Chocolate Swirl Steamed Buns (Mantou)

After making steamed buns with purple sweet potatoes, my children demanded chocolate ones. This time I lengthened my dough by rolling it thinly in order to create a bigger spiral pattern. 621 more words

Yeast Breads

Beers in Berlin 2017

So, Berlin… Where to start! We have been there four times over the last 9 years and have always found something new to enjoy each time. 1,390 more words


There’s something slightly exciting yet daunting about exploring a new home-town for the first time. On this weekend – I just decided to walk. I came across this market by the train station…there’s something great a bout hot, steamed red-bean-paste buns on a cold day. 12 more words

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