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Winner Winner Peking Duck Alternative Holiday Dinner

Making crispy-skinned duck takes only 5 steps, and the outcome is holiday-worthy! This is a stunning and entertaining main dish for your next special night with steamed buns and homemade plum sauce… 1,991 more words

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Beijing: Yanjing, Steamed Buns, and Rice

Day 1: Arrive in Beijing


We have spent the last fourteen and a half hours sitting upright, with our seatbelts securely fastened, in our Delta economy chairs. 1,056 more words


#19: Korean Steamed Buns with Beef [BA]

Hi! I actually cooked this dish a couple days ago, but college applications are the #1 priority for most high school seniors right now. The good news is, I submitted all my early applications last night!! 245 more words

Street style Chai crusted chicken in steamed buns.

My whole life I’ve been drawn into the market scene, there’s just something magical about them. The vibes of the musicians floating through the air, the vast array of food from smoked BBQ meats to vegetarian cuisines. 355 more words


Pork and Cabbage Steamed Bun (菜肉包)

Chinese people love all kinds of steamed buns.  Some with meat and vegetable fillings, some with egg custard, sweet red bean, vegetarian, etc.  Nothing compares to steaming and juicy meat bun in the morning for breakfast.  464 more words

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Chef's Gallery, Sydney, Australia

I travelled to Australia in the winter of 2017 and found so much delicious food there! Prior to my trip I had been following an Australian @nutellasum on Instagram, and she posts the most beautiful, delicious looking food. 188 more words

Steamed Buns

You think fried buns are too greasy? No problem, today, I brought you steamed buns, they are just as yummy. There are so many different types of buns on the market, you can get pork buns, chicken buns, vegetable buns, red bean buns, and egg buns. 91 more words

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