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Smoked Dry-Aged Duck Breast, served with Chinese Steamed Buns, Cucumber, Scallions, Cilantro, and Tian Mian Sauce

This was the fourth course to my 5-course Friendsgiving party for 6 people.

This year I decided to serve the last savory course family-style! And it turned out so great!!!! 232 more words

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Pork Dumplings

Leigh decided we needed to have a dumpling night.


I’ve used this recipe for making yummy Thai-style meatballs before, and I thought it’d be just as yummy inside some dumplings. 171 more words



A can of coconut milk was sitting in my cabinet and begging to be used for a good cause. I decided to venture into the unknown and see if I could find a gluten free baked good that required a full can of coconut milk. 467 more words


Week 40. Steamed Buns

I finally got a steamer! Probably the most exciting thing ever I couldn’t wait to try my hand at steamed buns. In honour of the humble steamed bun cooked stunningly well, before I made them myself I had to have another try of the award winning pork belly bun at The Blue Breeze Inn in Ponsonby. 720 more words


The Quest for the Perfect Steamed Bun

The steamed bun. A cloud like steamed bun/bread popular in Asia. Doesn’t sound like a great deal. But they are real tasty and cheap and one fateful night in Chiang Mai, these cloud like buns turned into somewhat of an obsession for me for the coming months. 1,261 more words


lambwich a la pinchos morunos

Pinchos morunos. Skewers of lamb or pork heavily seasoned with a mixture of cumin, ginger, sweet paprika, saffron, turmeric and coriander.  It’s a dish that shows the North African influence in Spanish cuisine. 787 more words