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World Tarot Day 2015

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate World Tarot Day! And by “we” I mean Tarot readers as I wasn’t aware that anyone outside Tarotdom actually knows about this international holiday. 945 more words


Card of the Day and Custom Spread

Okay, well, after looking online and not seeing a spread I was happy with, I tried to make on myself and well… I got carried away.  1,261 more words


Proactive Daily Spread

Daily Proactive Spread!

Good morning here in the Peace region of Northern Alberta.  It’s gorgeous out! Now, as a warning, I’m not very good with the three cards I pulled today – I think people forget I’ve only been reading for months, not years.  225 more words


Card of the Day - Ten of Cups - Bliss

Okay, I’m still trying to figure out how to position the cards so they’re readable and take the pictures and grr and I forgot to move the pen… and it’s early.  564 more words


Card of the Day - Two of Pentacles - The Impossible Possible

Good morning Peace Tarot readers!  We have two special cards today that I wanted to point out.  Why are they special?  Because when I was learning Tarot, I didn’t have the book, so I had to make my own judgement calls on what they meant.  944 more words


Card of the Day Four of Pentacles - Investment

Good Morning Peace Tarot readers, I’m sorry for skipping a day – I had to take a personal day and leave that reading for my journal.  903 more words


Practical Tarot: Knowing When to Rest

This comment may get some eye-rolling from the skeptics, but I’ve found that tarot and oracle cards get more accurate the more you listen to them and act on their advice. 495 more words

The Empress