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Conversations With Your Future Self - A Spread

A while back, I shared my tarot journey with a friend / co-worker and she was delighted to hear I could sling some cards for her!  1,006 more words

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Your Personal Symbol Spread

I have been playing around with various August Tarot Challenge spreads. This one is from #31daysoftarotaug hosted by Instagrammer @1inspired_beauty.  I quite like this one so I’m going to keep it in the Spreads section of my Tarot notebook!   624 more words

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The Dark Side of The Sun

The Sun is a card that is usually viewed as a very positive card. It is often associated with joy and can represent a strong “YES” in a Yes/No spread. 430 more words

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Sao em lại chuyển hóa nỗi nhớ ?

Có điều gì đáng sợ hơn nỗi nhớ,
Tôi hỏi quái vật nhỏ sau tòa thành,
Quái vật nhỏ ướt mèm trong mưa hạ,
Hỏi tôi rằng, 326 more words

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