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4-star quick review: Lumiere (Jacqueline E. Garlick)

Hugely imaginative. It’s half steampunk, half fantasy, with some dashes of fairy tale thrown in for good measure. Eyelet Elsworth is a teenager thrown in over her head when, after her father died when she was a child in mysterious circumstances, her mother is accused of witchcraft and Eyelet is forced to flee the world she knows to not be executed as well. 81 more words


Parsing the Parsecs: Proposing a New Taxonomy of Podcast Fiction

So I assume we’ve all seen the WIRED article, right? This one, the one really excited that podcast fiction is “finally” a thing?

Evidently, they’ve overlooked that podcast fiction kicked off in 2005, and that 2007-2009 was arguably the Golden Age of the Podcast Novel. 1,769 more words


Interzone #248 - Andy Cox (Ed.) (2013)

A very interesting collection of tales in this issue which push the boundaries of what the average reader would consider to be SF. I have always avoided trying to establish a definition, and although established names within the genre have put forward definitions in the past, there always seem to be works which fall outside the parameters. 348 more words


Free Writing: Attempt #3

Taffy didn’t have a choice but to shoot the poor man.

It wasn’t really her fault, you see?

Afterward, when the gun was hot and smoking in her hand and was leaving black powder smudges on her gloves, she did feel a tiny pinch of regret.   79 more words


Vive La Revolution!

With regards to Paris By Gaslight, two authors have asked me if stories may be set earlier than the 19th century, so as to set their stories within the French Revolution and I just want to let everyone know that while we usually restrict stories to the 19th century, in this case, an exception can be made and so, please feel free to set your story during the Revolution! 110 more words


Psyche Corporation: Liberty City Ani Con

The team and I recently attended the Liberty City Anime Convention in New York City.  For the sake of tradition, we always try and attend at least one concert while attending a convention.   402 more words

Soulcial Dreamers

Asylum Steampunk Lincoln

So, it turns out that once a year one of the biggest Steampunk festivals in the world rolls up on my doorstep….and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. 279 more words