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Review - Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay


I’m in love! I’ve found a new “Go To” author. That’s right, this book is that good. When an author can take something or someone I consider intrinsically evil and make me want them as my newest book boyfriend, adoptive big brother, or new best friend; they have accomplished something major. 750 more words

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The Trelor Sect Killings...

He was saving them. He was gathering them unto his spiritual flock, and he would shepherd them there. He was protecting them from the evil materialism and godless destruction of nature that had become the modern world. 1,031 more words

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“Out here, though. Not in bed,” she whispered...

David grabbed the bag of Chinese food and hurried home. Clair was still in the bath, and he built a fire to take the edge off the evening chill. 1,418 more words

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Jilted drunk guy meets the hot new girl in town...

David was feeling good. He planted his empty beer glass on the bar and did a little air-guitar as his song finished. “Catch-ya Luce!” he called to the barmaid. 1,235 more words

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4-star quick review: Dark Hero (Lily Silver)

I found this book looking under the “Gothic” section of the Amazon Unlimited Romance section since I’d only ever read satires of Gothic romances and was curious to see something that self-identified whole-heartedly as a Gothic romance. 167 more words


The Ultimate Betrayal Short Story Up for Sale: 13 New Pages!

Hey guys, I took The Ultimate Betrayal blogs and expanded them into 21 pages of drama, suspense and hot sex scenes…that means there is 13 new pages just waiting to be read by you! 180 more words

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