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Leaving Stebbins-A pretty great island

Before coming to Stebbins I nerded out on anything I could find about this small village that was about to become my home. I’ll admit not everything I found was peaches and cream. 714 more words

Leaving Stebbins-More than just coworkers

This week has been such a mix of emotions. I never expected a small village to have such a big effect on me as Stebbins did. 980 more words

NYO-Native Youth Olympics

This weekend we had the a practice game of the Native Youth Olympics against St. Michael, a little Battle of the Islands. When I first saw them practicing for this I was super excited but then found out they wouldn’t be competing here in Stebbins. 170 more words

Potlatch Time

The welcoming of Spring also became the welcoming of other villages visiting to celebrate Stebbins Potlatch. Potlatch is a series of Yup’ik songs, dance, rituals and most importantly, 1st Dance is considered a right of passage for many of the youth. 359 more words

Seventh Great-Grandfather Thomas Strong, Jr.

Seventh Great-Grandfather Thomas Strong, Jr.

Let me start by saying that I only use the designation “Jr.” here because much of what I’ve read uses “Jr.” to distinguish him from his father; I have not seen that he actually used this designation himself.   238 more words

Family History

Sixth Great-Grandfather Eliakim Strong

Eliakim Strong was born on September 26, 1688 in Northampton, Hampshire County, MA, the third child & second son of Thomas Strong, Jr. and Mary Stebbins. 250 more words

Family History

One Day in the Country...

This is a story. Just because it is a story, it is not necessarily untrue. It has been embellished, adapted, and interpreted, but it is true. 1,079 more words