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Amsterdam Getaway

Amsterdam was a pleasant surprise, not only in how beautiful & charming the city is but in it’s food scene as well. Coming from Houston, Texas I”ve taken culinary diversity for granted and when you’re travelling sometimes it’s hard to satisfy your craving for different flavors. 116 more words


Amsterdam, A Museum City

Seventy percent of the world’s commercial flowers come from Holland, but don’t let missing the blooming season stop you from planning a trip. Amsterdam is worth a trip any time of year. 505 more words


What can you do in Amsterdam on a grey rainy Saturday? Make good use of your museum card and recover part of the money you spent on it. 830 more words


Impressions of Amsterdam

Exhibitions by Matisse, Goedel, and Kentridge.

A few months after I put up a map of the world with the loose intention of inspiring more travel, M surprised me with a short, spontaneous trip to Amsterdam for two of our favorite things—riding bicycles and seeing art and design. 1,614 more words


What do the walls of your classroom really say about learning?

In between the consumption of vast quantities of delicious food, I’ve been spending a lot of time meandering around art galleries in Europe.

I’ve seen the grand masters – Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dali, Cézanne, Renoir, Degas. 340 more words

Learning Spaces

About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is very scenic.  The old city hugs the river Amstel, with the city expanding around four radiating canals and then beyond. We were told that the canals were built in the 17th century to create more waterside properties – that is, expensive real-estate! 111 more words


Recent Ouija: Lamenting Between Artifice and Reality

Although the majestic works of Henri Matisse have been luring numerous visitors to the Stedelijk Museum, it is its basement that confirms the experimental and contemporary course that the museum has set out to follow when Beatrix Ruf took up position as director last November. 639 more words