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A Guide to Resting your Tired Dogs whilst doing the Self-Discovery Thing: or, my February Vacation Travels to Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Brussels

[S]leeping can be a form of emotional escape and can with sustained effort be abused…[G]ambling can be an abusable escape, too, and work, shopping, and shoplifting, and sex, and masturbation, and food, and exercise…[A]nonymous generosity, too, can be abused.

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Shadows at the Tinguely retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Shadows at the Tinguely retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Mimi Blogger Team visited the Jean Tinguely exhibition ‘Machinespectacle’ at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam the other day. 121 more words



Na een hele wilde vrijdag – zoals dat hoort – ben ik zaterdag met Saskia naar Amsterdam geweest. We hadden het er al al 100 jaar over om naar de Marilyn Monroe tentoonstelling in de Nieuwe Kerk te gaan en nu is het in het sluitingsweekend eindelijk gelukt! 571 more words


I can really get annoyed by all the scooters in Amsterdam. I try not to (non-responding is a spiritual practice you know….) but boy they can get my nerves as they spit out so much pollution and noises. 61 more words


An Exercise in Empathy

While visiting the Stedelijk Museum I walked into Jordan Wolfson’s MANIC/LOVE piece. The first thing that got me was the roar from the heavy chains pulling back and forth. 36 more words



Hello friends

I hope all is good with you in these challenging times for all of us. Sometimes it feels to me like the whole world is going mad, there is a monumental shift taking place and I feel so out of synch with it all. 497 more words


ON THE ROAD: Museums Museums....

by Suzanne Francis-Brown, UWI Museum Curator

Something has happened to me over the past few years. Now, when I visit museums, the artifacts are taking second place to the story, the presentation, the infrastructure… 489 more words

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