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Hillary’s Emails

Everyone needs to get a grip about Hillary and the emails. Give the woman credit for knowing which documents to archive.

Would you want everyone to know you had to order slacks the size of a small child several sizes larger than your jacket? 188 more words


Old Movies

I managed to watch a couple of movies this weekend. Can you believe I’d never seen Father of the Bride? Me either, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. 325 more words

Day To Day

Random Overview of Movies

Action *enter music* bad guys enter, good guy enters, big fight, lots of yelling, craziness, some people fall, others laugh. What the heck is goin’ on! 440 more words


Smile! It increases your face value.

-Truvy, Steel Magnolias


Steel Magnolias

My favorite chick flick of ALL time.  I can say that without any hesitation.  I adore this movie.  So much so my hairdresser (the brilliant Kevin) and I reference it at least once per hair cut.  265 more words