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Worst Week Ever. Again.

I have just emerged from the worst week ever, one of the many that has happened since graduating and entering what everyone endearingly calls “the real world”, as if the previous twenty years had us all living in a game of Minecraft, where our biggest concerns were putting down our torch before picking something up and going to sleep before the zombies came out. 505 more words


Out Early, Lunch with Friends, Movies

We were up and out early – I had my appointment in New Jersey and Rachel hung out with a friend while I was out.  When I got back we all went out to lunch at the Chinese buffet which was a nice way to spend the afternoon, always good conversation with good friends. 104 more words


Alright Truvy Let’s Do My Nails

The girl that cuts my hair spun me around in the chair so I could face the mirror and see my new haircut.

I quickly had to pick my bottom jaw up off the floor before she noticed. 596 more words

My Emotional Rollercoaster

delusions of (summer camp) grandeur

It’s June. Time for swimming pools and lightning bugs and baseball and yard work and afternoon thunderstorms…and camp.

Most every summer of my childhood and into young adulthood included at least one week of camp.   981 more words

Just Funny

Flashback Friday - Top Five Favourite Friendship Flicks

In keeping with the blog I wrote about my entry into the World Nomad’s travel scholarship I thought I’d make flashback Friday about my top 5 friendship flicks of all time.   714 more words

Ramblings Of A Blogger

27956210 reasons thought catalog sucks

LISTS! People love lists. Do you love lists? I love lists! I love lists that remind me what I need to purchase at the grocery store (creamer, I always forget creamer). 906 more words